New Brass Band - Fortismere Community Brass (Muswell Hill)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to tell you all about a new community brass band that I've been involved in setting up.  Originally established in association with Fortismere Music Centre, we aim to provide a quality community-focused, not-for-profit brass band in the local community.  We are very lucky to have the lovely Paul Hooper (principal trombone of the Band of the Irish Guards) as our conductor.  

Rehearsals are Friday evenings 7:45-9:45 at Muswell Hill Methodist Church on Pages Lane and all are welcome.   If you are an absolute beginner, don't fret - we run a beginners band from 7:15 every Friday where we can teach you the basics so that you can start making music with the band in no time.  The beginners band is entirely free of charge and we have some instruments available to borrow.

Also, if anyone has an event that they would like a brass band to play at, we are now taking bookings for the summer and beyond!

Please send me a message or call me on 075 8886 8600 if you are interested or would like more details.  More details also available on our website


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Hi Craig, 

Sounds awesome but I am a (bad) violinist ;) Do you have to be over 18? I know someone who would be interested in this but she is 16... please let me know. Thanks, Sureka 

Hi Sureka,

We cater for players of all ages - one of our trombonists has also just turned 16.  You would also be welcome to come and have a go (I can lend you a brass instrument) it isn't as hard as you might think!  

If you're interested in coming this Saturday, please let me know (and let me know if I need to bring any instruments).  



Hi Craig,

Thanks but I don't want to spoil the lovely sound of your brass band with a noise like a cat  drowning ;)  

And in any case I'm snowed under launching a Beginners Salsa Course (see my other thread!) and rehearsing for a charity salsa show so not ideal timing luckily for you!

I'll let my step-daughter know though - she may well be interested :)

Thanks again, 


Hi Sureka,

Just to let you know, we've decided to move our rehearsals from Saturday morning to Friday evenings.  Please drop me an email at if your step-daughter is interested.

Best wishes,


Hi Craig, 

So sorry but I've been so busy launching my Beginners Salsa Course and planning my daughter's birthday party I haven't had a chance to ask her. She's in Italy for Easter but when she gets back I promise I will -  Unfortunately I'm almost certain she won't be able to make Friday nights as she only arrives in North London on Saturdays. Good luck though and I'll certainly keep my ear to the ground for you.

Best wishes, Sureka

PS. Have you approached the local choirs?  Quite a lot of singers are often musicians too...there's one in Bowes Park and another in Tottenham I believe...

PPS. Incidentally, would you be up for some salsa?! The 4 week course starts next Wednesday. We currently have 9 women and 6 men so would definitely welcome a few more! Either way, I'm happy to enquire there whether anyone's interested in taking part in your community brass band if you like? 

PPPS. Just forwarded your message to a couple of friends who are brass players so I'll let you know or they may contact you directly. 

Hi Craig,

Do you think it's possible that we could get you and the band to join us at the market one Sat? We are hoping to organise a 'festival at the market' in May, inviting different bands to play and people can shop, eat, drink and soak in the music. My email address is if you would be interested 

Thanks x

Hi Craig,

I am very interested in this initiative.  I do not read music nor play any instrument, but would love to play the flute or piccalo!  I rate that I have good breathing! Tried to ring you, but your mobile was not accepting calls.  Do get back in touch.  Paul

Hi Paul,

Sorry about that - not quite sure what was wrong with the mobile.  

Fortismere Community Band is a brass band, so doesn't have any woodwind instruments (such as flutes, clarinets, oboes or bassoons) - instead, our standard instrumentation consists of Cornets, Saxhorns, Euphoniums, Trombones and  Tubas.  You'd be more than welcome to come and have a go on one of those if you are interested - please let me know!

Best wishes,


Nearly two months after our launch, the band is making excellent progress.  We have moved our rehearsal time slightly to 7:30-9:30 on Friday evenings, to allow us to rehearse in a bigger venue.  Our first concert is coming up on 9th June - I'll be posting more details about that soon.

We are always on the lookout for new players - all are welcome.   Please get in touch if you are interested.  

So four months on, we've played Alexandra Park, Crouch End and East Finchley Festivals and we're going to be on stage at Fortitude festival in Muswell Hill this weekend.  If anyone is keen to play a brass instrument, we're going to be rehearsing from next week at Muswell Hill Methodist Church.  We have instruments available for people to borrow and we can help teach you to play.  More experienced players always welcome!

If anyone out there fancies learning an instrument - now is your chance.  We've just launched our Friday night beginners band, where you can come and learn from experienced players absolutely free of charge.  Get in touch for more details!


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