A new café is opening near Bounds Green tube.  It certainly is piccolino, it occupies the space previously occupied by the dry-cleaning machine in the laundrette.

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great news. Hope it is a success and lasts. Such a shame that we cannot eradicate the wretched fast food/ take away shops that blight our area and attract far too many undesirables

Talked to the owner and there is going to be great coffee and French pastries , yummie can't wait.

Fab! Look forward to  it. Thanks  for update.

Very exciting!

You wait years for a decent cuppa coffee at Bounds Green Tube then two Cafés come along at once....! (in the former barber's kiosk)

Lovely for B/G and I agree better than the awful chicken shops. Wish it every success Also who remembers when the hair shop in B/G station sold coffee and snacks in the 70's   pat

I really miss the florist and the delightful fragrance/aroma that would greet you upon entering . The colourful display of flowers/blooms outside the shop was such a welcome sight.  Removing the betting/fast food shops would be a dream come true

Unfortunately, this business has been causing many problems for my living environment the last 8 months. I have their extraction venting noise from the backside, continuous noise. They removed back garden fencing of 25 m without consulting me more than 3 months ago and still no fencing built. No privacy. their workers staying at the back and talking loud sometimes drinking and even their child come along. I was overlooked constantly without fences. There is a big shed which is very old and deteriorating in the middle of their garden and the builders told me that it contains asbestos. Police also involved recently as they were abusive towards me. The business also not following planning permissions granted by the Council. They have been doing building work after 3 pm on Sat and all day on sun. Reporting this to the council never worked. they just do the same on the following day. They open till past 11 pm including on Sun which is not allowed. Do I just have to live with the noise they have been causing such as the extraction venting noise for good? It was very quiet at the back of my house till they started the business.


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