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Hello Richard,


Thanks for your welcome!


I am pleased to have discovered this Forum and now to be a member if it. I live in nearby in Muswell Hill, but my roots from many years ago were in N11.  My birth place and association was that part of New Southgate the other side of the North Circular, which nowadays is mostly a desolate and soul-less place with barely a trace of the once vibrant community that was there up until the mid 1960s.


Last year it was my privilege to edit a collection of memories of growing up in New Southgate in the 1940s and 1950s, which were incorporated in book form complete with many previously unpublished photographs. Printed copies are available through the Friern Barnet and District Historical Society, and they are good value at £5.50 each including postage. Although the Memories book is mostly to do with the area bounded by Telford Road, Station Road and Bowes Road, there are quite a few references to Tewkesbury Terrace, Cline Road and Bounds Green.


Having browsed around on this Forum I am also pleased to think that there is an interest here in local history and what makes the area like it is today. To encourage you further I would like to make an offer to members of this Forum! I would be happy to email a PDF version of the Memories (it’s about 5MB in size) to anyone who asks for it, free of charge on one condition! The condition is that recipients should read it and promise to walk through the area, particularly along what is still called High Road and try hard to visualise the place it once was - a thriving community complete with cinema, fish & chip shops, pubs, butchers, greengrocers, etc.. and school, police station and pub. Difficult to believe now, but the Memories should help.


Best wishes,



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Apologies for the delay in responding  - I'd be very keen to accept your challenge to read, review and respond to your local history memories.



I'd love to have a copy Colin, thank you very much. Will share it with my friends standing in Southgate Green ward, we'll do the walk together!



I am pleased that you are interested in the Memories of New Southgate book, but I think your priority now is to concentrate on the forthcoming election! I’ll email you a copy after the election and then perhaps I can join you and your colleagues in a walk through the area. I could enjoy that too.


Why do you think it would appeal to your colleagues from Southgate Green? New Southgate has closer affinities with Bowes Park than it does Southgate Green.



Now I understand! I had assumed you were standing for Bowes, but it seems you might be standing for Southgate Green. Whatever, I would be pleased to link up with you after the election, for which I wish you well.


Thanks Colin, I'm standing with Labour for re-election in Bowes but have friends in Southgate Green too. All part of the Southwest Enfield Partnership (SWEP) work we've been carrying out over the last few years, culminating in the Area Action Plan. Thanks for the good luck wishes, speak soon!

I too gladly accept this challenge and look forward to receiving a piece of nostalgia of my youth. Barry Maxwell (formerly Tewkesbury Terrace)

Hello Barry, Thanks for your interest. I have sent you a message and tried to reply here, but maybe you haven't received them. If so, please reply again or send me a message off-forum. Colin

Hi Colin

My email is and I would love the pdf version or would even send cash for the hard copy if that is easier.

Thanks  Barry

The book of memories of New Southgate, which Colin edited and which he refers to in the above message, brought forth many more memories from people with New Southgate connections. These have been published in three further volumes, all edited by Peter Turner and Eileen Bostle:

Memories of Garfield School and New Southgate

Memories of New Southgate People

Memories of New Southgate Places

They are published by the Friern Barnet and District Local History Society. For further details please email

Thanks so much for the link to the history of this area. I would love a copy and will send you my email address.


Next year the Garfield New Southgate Group plans to publish another themed book of memories about Events in New Southgate, which includes material on both World Wars, a train crash in 1949, and a large section on what went on in New Southgate in the mid twentieth century regarding leisure activities, clubs, outings, street parties of all kinds, including Coronation parties in 1937 and 1953. Also we have enough material to publish a more general book of memories in 2019 to include street memories, more family stories, ventures into adjacent areas like Bounds Green, The Freehold, Bowes Park, Friern Barnet, including pubs within your home area.  We are a very active group meeting every year and the flow of memories is seemingly endless.  The main person responsible for real quality in our production is Eileen Bostle, nee Perolz, a resident of a road near Bounds Green Road, and an experienced local history researcher for several libraries across North and West London.  Eileen went to Bowes School in your area.


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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