There is a new application for a VERY tall mast and its collection of metal boxes on the grass area opposite the Ambulance Station.... at the end of Nightingale Road.

This is the 3rd try for the mast - the other two applications on the pavement at the corner of Whittington Rd were Refused.

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This is absolutely huge and absolutely not acceptable in our area.  It is almost twice the size of the trees and will tower above the houses in Trinity Road.  It is being sited on a green area and this will be dug up and disturbed.  This is not dead space.  It is environmentally important that we do not lose verges and green spaces which not only enhance our environment but allow diversity of plants and insect.  We need these green spaces we do not need them to be nibbled away by supposed 'Technological Advances"  We have all learnt over the past few months the value of living in an area that offers many green areas in which to sit, play and walk.  The houses beside this installation will be completely blighted and it adds nothing to the area which is reeling from excess traffic.  Please could you object to this on behalf of the residents at this end of Bounds Green.

I completely agree with you Kate and will be objecting. We absolutely need our green spaces and the habitats they support. I really don't want to get used to  it.  

The main advantage of 5g for the public, according to the Telstra(Aus) website, is that films will be able to be downloaded at warp speed, wow! It's still going to take around 90 minutes to watch it, but wow. 

Haringey is bombarding us -  tower blocks,  LTN's- the traffic is horrendous and the fumes from stationary traffic is not enhancing our lives, and now this.

Richard and Bigsy, whilst I am not in agreement with you, your messages are charming and it's lovely we can share our opinions with good energy.

I live nearby and am generally against adding stuff all over the place. Yet I want the area to have the best possible high speed mobile communications for the future. So I'm supporting this particular application.

The antennas will be on a single pole, not a tower. It will look much like a lamppost, albeit a tall one with a couple of boxes at the bottom. I bet we and the wildlife will barely notice it after a short while.

It's got to go somewhere, and think the proposed site is as good as any round here. And I want it here. And probably the younger generations will eventually if you don't yourself yet.

For those worried about 5G, please don't be taken in by the conspiracy theories. 5G radiation is radio waves, and radio waves are a form of light. It's just light that we can't see, and the amount of power is involved is nothing compared to sunlight. Although the digital encoding is new, radio waves of all frequencies and powers have been thoroughly studied for decades. There is no rational reason to worry about what 5G actually emits as long as you don't stick your face right against the top of the mast.

I'm just an ordinary person who happens to be interested in technology. I appreciate my view won't be popular. People don't like the idea of change. I don't like much of it. I dislike the new cycling "facilities", for example, despite cycling along Bounds Green Road myself for forty odd years. Yes I am quite tired now :-)

Anyway I wish everyone well, and hope I haven't raised your blood pressure too much.

There are many good reasons to object to this application, but please do not include any 5G conspiracy theories that will enable all objections to be tarred with the same tin-foil hat. Comments close on 22/12/20.

Sing it, Joni...

"They took all the trees, and put em in a tree museum

And they charged the people a dollar and a half to see them

No, no, no

Don't it always seem to go

That you don't know what you got 'til it's gone

They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot...."

Big Yellow Taxi

Application Refused! Thanks to all who chipped in. Keep 'em peeled though, they made two attempts at Whittington Road...


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