I would just like so say that the building is now almost completed.

Not too sure if I like it.

The estate agents that are involved seem to think there is a "garden", there seems to be one tree that was not cut down.

There is a perimeter wall with iron railings, the rest is block paving.

Any comments???


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And is this what the new 6-storey flats along Bowes Road that we're fighting against will look like? At least the new buildings erected at the other end of Maidstone Road, just before you turn into Warwick Road, fit in with the character of those around them, which this most certainly doesn't.


According to this plan there is supposed to be grass and trees:


The plastic ivy has not gone amiss, bizarre!. Yesterday I wrote to the council to complain about lack of green landscaping at No.2

Hi Tara - yes I also emailed Haringey - the original plans show green landscaping and this appeared to be a condition of approval!

I have just spoken to one of the estate agents that are selling the flats.

He tells me they are not finished yet and the plastic ivy is only a temporary measure.

If I see the developer I will try an speak to him, to see what is going to happen.

I have also spoken to the builder who built it all, same comment not finished yet.

Following on from the last information

The developer is   GSA Building Services Ltd

                             Andy Pempestios

                             24 Park Drive,  London,  N21 2LR

                      T: 020 8967 3756

No web site.

He has been a director of this company for 13+ years.

If anyone would like to contact him please do. 

I spoke to him once, before the development started, seemed a pleasant person.

How on earth this hideous block ever got planning permission is beyond me. To tear down that old house which was full of character and replace it with something so bland is awful. Stinks of backhanders at the council??

Has anyone had any response from the council? Could you tell me who I need to write to to complain? I never saw any paperwork/permission before it went up.


The development of this property has been the subject of much discussion on this site.

Initially  back in February last year when the Planning Application was made (follow this link). Secondly when the old building was demolished in June (Follow this Link) a local newspaper carried details of the unsuccessful campaign by the Bounds Green and District Residents association to save the building, and the involvement of local councillors. Now the building is nearing completion a further discussion here is taking place.

Whilst you may not agree with the decision - nor approve of the design of the replacement building - there has been a clear process undertaken - with application, consultation and decisions made by council officers.

It is a serious accusation to claim a corrupt process - but it is realistic to ensure that the building is completed to the standard outlined in the drawings and in keeping with the planning approval. To take the matter further, in the first instance you should contact your Councillors.  Contact details here.

I agree with everyone, the current building is ill thought out and ugly and looks like it has been put together by a bunch of amateurs. I complained to the council a week ago via the following form on this link: https://www.enfield.gov.uk/forms/form/25/complaints_form . I have had no reply from them yet,  not even an  acknowledgement saying they had received the complaint. I will call this week if I don't hear back from them.

If it is Harringey and not Enfield they should still get back to me promptly to say it is under Harringey council.  Mr Mckeever, thanks for pointing the info out but what is rather annoying is that there is always this drive to build more housing with never any consideration to matching additional services. So if you have all these new flats, where are the occupants going to park their cars? And no doubt some of these flat occupants will have babies which will eventually require childcare if the mother returns to work. There has been no addressing of lack of affordable childcare. I always thought the plot would make a great drop off nursery for working mothers in the Bounds Green area. However of course nothing like this is ever considered. 

So back to the car parking, where are the new residents of No.2 Maidstone Road going to park their cars? Maybe they can apply a compulsory purchase order on the dry cleaners and Cutting Bay hairdressers and build a multi story car park for No.2 residents. That would look nice.

The planners can say what they like in terms of having followed procedure, but they have clearly been driven by money and not social planning.

The LA is definitely Haringey. I also voiced concerns about parking and public services during the initial stages. I have also emailed Haringey about the lack of landscaping which was on the initial plan - they have neither acknowledged or responded! Depressingly the same scenario is being played out with the developments along the North circular - flats and more flats - overcrowding with no thought of parking and services.

Do you have kids at school?..I think you will find schools are at breaking point with capacity. I don't think your comments are very sensitive or considered...'childcare provided by the private sector', if you think that is acceptable and the council shouldn't bother about childcare..says it all and re-confirms my point about all in it for money and not social awareness/society.

Yes the property is in Haringey. I also live in Haringey.

The car park has room for two cars, I understand, this is in Brownlow Road.

There was another  planning application for a disabled parking access in Maidstone, not sure where that went.

All these documents are on the planning departments web site in Haringey. I know the boundary's are pretty near Enfield. In Brownlow Road the boundary is just before Brownlow Court heading north.

In Maidstone  it is almost at the junction with Warwick.

The schools that are nearest are in Bounds Green road. I do not think we need to comment on schooling the council will have looked into this at the planning meetings.


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