Hi all,

Nick, the new owner of the famous George Moore's shop at 99 Myddleton Road, has started the slow process of restoration - bringing back to life one of the last original shops on the road. 

As part of the restoration he needs to clear out all the old mouldy stock - including the window display which has attracted the interest of so many people over the years.

But he wants ideas for what to do with it all. Even in it's decaying state the display is part of the road's history.

He's keen to hear everyone's ideas - so do let us know what you think. Should we photograph it, save some of the items, put them on display?

See here for a blog on the shop and some photos, or here to listen to Brian (George Moore's son) talk about life on the road.

Photos below show him carefully removing the old paint from above the door to reveal the beautiful original Edwardian painted and carved shop signs - which he intends to keep.



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First of all....congratulations to Nick, Haley and Ruby, who we are delighted to welcome as our new neighbours! This is a hugely positive development for the road but it is quite the quandry how best to do justice to the iconic stock in the window display....they are a local London treasure. Someone suggested to us they should be individually framed for an exhibition in The Step gallery but I fear it may put some off their coffee! But there has to be something that can be done? 

On a personal note, I'd like to make a bid for the undercrackers at the front of the display, quuite possibly the most famous bit of underwear in London!

Two thoughts. What about a photo exhibition at The Step? 

And a more ambitious idea, create an online Bowes Park museum and have a section on George Moore's - photos, the interview with him, people's blog posts and tweets about it - all in one virtual place ... pending securing a property on Myddleton Road for a permanent museum, of course (ahem). Collectively, there's quite a lot of stuff that we could pull together and part of it could house We Love Myddleton Road as history in the making. 

Bit like the Museum of Soho, which doesn't have a physical home (warning: website is a bit awful) www.mosoho.org.uk

Having just had the idea, I'm quite excited by it. 

PS good on Nick & co!

The shop sign is looking brilliant. I passed it today. Never knew it said 'Richards' under George Moore's - lovely!

Encouraging local artists to document the stuff would be great. Perhaps there could be a 'community clear out' day for removing items from the window, making an inventory and collecting people's thoughts, memories etc. There are still people around who remember shopping there. 

Potentially some kind of graphic record/collage could make an alternative window display while renovations take place. 

This story has had a bit of coverage in the local press- Ruth McKee's article for the Enfield Advertiser is available to read online

Looks like the local press coverage has been picked-up nationally Today the London Metro carries a story (read online here) which identifies George Moores Menswear as "possibly the most hipster shop we’ve ever seen" !

Lindsey. Loving your idea. How to make it happen?

I saw the article in the paper today and it grabbed my attention. Fascinating little story and yes, the shop's history should be somehow captured in it's new life.

Get a good photographer (like myself ;) to get a great photo of the shop display and print it onto a screen that comes down when the shop is closed. Could be designed in a way that holds the current shop name etc. but with the old display as a backdrop. The story could be that it returns to it's old self at night, giving a kind of Bagpuss feel about it. Could also be lit nicely to make a quaint scene and if you kept some of the items there could even be mysterious sightings of them that make continuous stories and add intrigue.

Items could be preserved and framed or a photography book telling the story as a coffee table book sold locally. A good ad for it's new incarnation too!

I'm a Creative Director and could help with any of these ideas...

love the idea of the window screens. 

Love your ideas, Neil, and delighted that the shop will be restored sympathetically. 

Thanks Thuranis and Lindsay.

I'd love a little project like this. Shot, as you say, sympathetically with a feel of yesteryear but modern in quality and style of photography. Could make a very beautiful set.

I don't have so many examples on my site, but you can see some of my styles at www.soundsandpictures.net

Fantastic, well done Nick and co! An online museum/archive with pics taken by a good photographer is a great idea - possibly with pictures for sale for local good causes?


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