Recently spoke to enfield traffic management  to see if it would be feasable to make the whittington road / palmerston road junction no entry on exit and also the bowes road north circular road palmerston road no entry no exit    and reinstate the right turn at bounds green road and whittington road, so that residents of bowes park can easily access the gordon road clinic n11 , unfortunately dr prasad passed away , and we have to register with the n11 clinic , it also makes it easier to commute to new southgate and muswell hill easier if the right turn is reopened.

i was told i would stand a better chance if i obtained the support of the residents , as this suggestion would undoubtedly help enfield with their traffic calming measures.

Numerous emails to the Haringey counterpart resulted in receiving polite patronising emails advising me that it would be considered whenever , but not immediately ,

i wonder if i can reach out to the residents especially of whittington road to support me in my efforts as it will also undoubtedly stop the speeding traffic from and to palmerston road via whittington road


looking forward to hearing your views on this matter.

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i have now concluded that the reason the first half of my siggestion has been ignored is that there are clearly several residents who sre non drivers , instead of opening discussion with just one half of my suggestion which even i dont support  should we have a more honest discussion and makes Bowes Park a car free zone.

Yes things have changed ten years down the line but if anything there's more traffic now than then and things would be worse.  

I am sorry because I didn't mean to sound as if I was ignoring your suggestion.  I don't think anyone else is either.  My point really was that numerous options were looked at over many years and I'm sure your two-pronged approach was one of them.

Not a problem Dierdre , we live in a era  where it is better to not  upset the staus quo by daring to think  outside the box.  , in  the good old days it was not considered courteous to ignore half a suggestion and start a discussion on the other half of the suggestion, on the assumption that the other half of the suggestion , ironically the more important half of the suggestion is of no consequence as it was dismissed ten years ago , do you have any proof that this suggestion was raised ten years ago? 

it is great having this forum , i have only just enrolled , had i not enrolled i would not have known how the great human mind works , ,


Hi Bernadette,

Thanks for posting this, it's an interesting discussion! I have a few points to add.  I'm not sure if I qualify as an 'upwardly mobile' youngster as I am approaching 40 (eek), but I do have a small baby.  I drive, but I also walk around the area a lot now and I'm obviously very conscious of air pollution having a buggy at pretty much exhaust height.  I have lived here for nearly 9 years and I think the population is getting a lot younger, but I don't have any data to back that up - perhaps it just depends on your vantage point! :)

Overall, I think this is a very complicated issue and requires a lot of compromise. I live near Caroline at the Bounds Green end of Whittington Road. There are already some issues on the bend with parked cars, poor visibility and drivers coming round too fast. I suspect the parking would have to be removed to allow a right turn to function properly, and residents parking is already quite limited.  If it wasn't removed, a right turn would cause a quite significant build-up of traffic on Whittington Road and the increased pollution would be horrible.  Regardless of whether you drive yourself, nobody wants more fumes coming into their bedroom and it would make a pleasant quiet-ish road a very different place to live.

I'm interested in your other suggestion as well.  I have no experience of living at the other end of Whittington Road, so I don't know if the current set-up causes problems. But are you suggesting closing off the Whittington/Palmerston and Palmerston/A406 junctions completely?  What then happens for residents who want to access the A406 eastbound?  Recently that Palmerston/A406 junction has been closed, and it's caused big queues on Kelvin Avenue which can't be great for those residents.  Green Lanes certainly doesn't need any more congestion either.

I don't believe things should be put in place and then left forever - I think it's good to review them periodically and check everything still makes sense.  But this really does have to be looked at, and modelled, as a whole area.  There probably isn't a perfect solution, but personally I think what we have now is probably the best one.

Finally in answer to your question about how best to go north on Bounds Green Road, my usual route is to turn left out of Whittington and then do a U-turn in Imperial Road. It's marginally quicker than wiggling through Thorold and round to Clarence.

HI liz

Although we  appear to be concerned about Drivers not being able to access the A406 , we appear  to  not be concerned  that many of these Drivers are using whittington road as a rat run,route.

Now that you mention  the issue that the  reintroduction of  the right turn will effect the parking of the residents on the top of whittington road i can now see why there is a consesus of opinion from all the replies received

 your reply is honest , constructive and not biased , i think i can happily switch off if you can take on the Baton , i am 70 and i know as the brain ages we get cantankerous  less compromising.and amiguous.

 Without daring to sound pompous i think the idea to seal of whittington and palmerston junction and make itie no exit no entry is nothing short of genius, but i take on board your concerns in repect of kelvin road and concede that the junction between palmerston and bowes road should remain accessable as it is presently operating.,so as to allow access to the A406 from palmerston road. and not whittington road.or kelvin road.

With regard to the parking issue for the residents at the top half. it is a valid issue and i will be writing to Haringey to suggest that in the event that the right turn is reintroduced  subject to  also introducing the no exit no entry at the botthom of whittington road/ palmerston road  and all the due diligence has been complied with,, all the residents from the top half of whittington should be given an option to erect  a driveways at  subsidised  or free rate  if they wish  to take up the option. and there should be an extra few pedestrian crossigs  if feasble .

Your reply has coveyed in the most tactful way what i have been trying to convey without success,

yes everything should be periodically reviewed , as new ways to skin a cat is bound to have evolved over a ten year period.

Do you think that if bottom of whittington road junction to palmerston road  is made no entry no exit,it will reduce the bottleneck caised by left and right turns to bounds green road , the traffic management team in enfield and haringey felt it was worth  a short trial , it may not work but it is worth a short trial methinks.but they advised i would need to win the support of the other residents to get this trial  through which seems an impossible task due to memoriesof those who were involved in dealing with the council/ going back ten years.

i was only making a tongue in cheek enquiry of the route to take to go go right , i have lived here for 50 plus years ,

i simply dont like scratching my left ear with my right hand , but the irony is no one has  read between the lines.

Mums like yourself and Caroline would find it easier to cross   whittington road because it stands to reason only local drivers and vistors will be turning right / left  at the top of whittington Road

Doesnt life make one want to just give up and maintain the status quo 


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