Last night We Love Myddleton Road braved the wind and rain to show Cllr Stuart McNamara – Haringey’s Rubbish Czar - the road’s problems with rubbish collection, fly tipping and waste of all kinds.

We’ve all seen the many piles of trade and domestic waste that litter the road, the dumped mattresses and fridges that regularly pop up in the area and the numbers other problems which make this great road less attractive.

As Haringey Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr McNamara is well placed to help – and he gave his ideas and promises for improvements.

And he promised to come back in two months to check on progress. He told us: 

  • They are aware of the problem and are taking action now and will continue to do so. Currently council workers visit three times a week to check on the road. Where they can identify the culprits (yes, they go through the rubbish!) they will issue fines or visit business owners and residents to check they understand the rules and are complying.
  • New signs will be put on the street clearly communicating collection times and rules. This will help the Council take action people who do not act within the rules.
  • The council will look at replacing existing street bins with new “split bins” which include general waste and recycling – they look much nicer.
  • He will look at what we can do to stop trees, existing bins or alleyways becoming a collection point for unwanted waste – including marking designated areas on the pavement for rubbish to be put prior to collection.
  • A new scheme will soon be launched to give people living above shops their own “red bag” scheme – with dedicated red waste bags, clear rules about what is put out and new times for the twice daily waste collection. This will make it easier to act against people who do not follow the rules – and to spot when business waste is being dumped illegally
  • That officers monitor fly tipping hot spots and will take enforcement action. And importantly they do listen to residents who report dumped rubbish. So use the app (very easy - takes 15 seconds to report something) or report it online. The sooner someone reports rubbish dumped the quicker the council can deal with it.

 He also had some ideas for improving the look of the road, such as:

  • Putting proper “tree pits” underneath the trees on the road.
  • Removing any excess bollards or street furniture which clutter up the road – and painting those that remain.
  • Repairing the paving stones on the bridge to Bowes Park station

We covered what we could, but there may be other issues or ideas people have  - please let us know.

And as Cllr McNamara has promised to come back to check on progress we can pass on extra ideas then.

Finally, a big thanks to our local councillors for organising last night.


Toby & We Love Myddleton Road



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This is great Toby!

One of the main problems on the road concerning rubbish is that flats and business don't have a designated place to put out their rubbish, so it's put out anywhere.

The collections are great as they are twice daily but it would help all of us if the rules were made clearer and we are all given the tools to follow the rules!

Really positive developments.


I also believe some responsibility should be put on Landlords who are benefitting from good rents, to liaise with their tenants and work with them to ensure that rubbish is put out at the designated time.   


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