Can anyone tell me if Bowes Park is an area affected by subsidence? I'm renewing my buildings insurance and this came up as a possible reason why my quote was high. 

Is there any way one can find out if an area is affected by subsidence - would the council be able to advise? 

Many thanks


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Bowes Park covers a huge geographic area .......so that I doubt if it is explicitly area-wide subsidence. You used the term "renewing" ....initial quotations can be massaged so that the provider appears higher up the comparison tables ;;;;renewal quotes are often higher in the hope that you will renew without checking.....also the rate of Insurance Premium Tax may have changed (increased) since the original cover was made

No harm in checking against a comparison site (please click)

Thanks Donald that's helpful. I'll definitely shop around. And yes IPT has gone up! 

Insurance aside, I'd be interested to know about the subsidence issue. I live in Marlborough Road - does anyone know if this street is particularly affected? 

I live in Myddleton Road and we have had two subsidence claims in the last twenty years. We are in the block of houses by the community garden.

Thanks Melanie and Juliet, yes I can't imagine the New RIver flooding! I'm changing providers now and will have a look at Tesco. 

Hi Juliette

Melanie Corfield wrote;

 I think 'London clay' generally can cause problems with old houses BUT a few years back I was told my quote was high because of potential flooding in Bowes Park which was nonsense

Houses in the area known as the Lakes Estate  between Alderman's Hill and Fox Lane have been prone to "subsidence" but this was not due to "flooding". The reason for the problem was the lack of proper foundations under the bay windows compared to the foundations on the mass of the rest of the building which gave rise to differential movement in the London Clay . the bay windows just fell forward

Be aware of those who blame trees.....and tree roots.....more hazard can be caused by removing the existing forest tree and loping it in situ


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