Have you ever spotted the derelict building at the Clockhouse Junction?

It's located where Green Lanes crosses the North Circular but it's a bit hard to spot as it is largely hidden from the street behind huge advertising hoardings.

We have commented before on this forum about Paul Talling's excellent Derelict London website, he seeks out and records the forgotten corners of the capital.

A recent post on the Derelict London Site explores this North Circular building and reveals it's past life. It was built sometime between 1914 and 1935 and operated as a Labour Exchange and Benefits Office.

The building was closed in the late 1980s when alternate provision was introduced in Wood Green and Palmers Green. It has been left to decline ever since.

Local stories also identify it as a bus and coach stop where people would wait for early morning Charabanc trips to the seaside.

The full story - with many more photographs - can be seen on the Derelict London website.

A safety note from Paul: like many derelict building some people may frequent this location. The best advice is to stay clear and not to attempt to enter or have a look inside.

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This was the first place I went to get benefits (UB40) when I had just left school .. it's sad to see it like this, it was a nice little place.. surely they could have done something with it.


So glad I've never had to go to a benefits office since though.

I walked past it today, would never have notice it without Pauls brilliant article. What a waste. BTW does anyone know anything about the empty building on the corner of Oakthorpe Road / Green Lanes opposite Palmers Green library. 

Hi Scott -

The old house opposite Palmers Green Library is called Truro House It's one of the few remaining Victorian Buildings in Palmers Green.  Our friends up at the Palmers Green Jewell in the North blog recently wrote about it's history You can read the full article here

Thank you, just reading it now.

Thanks for the link Richard - I"m fascinated by Truro House too. Would love to see it restored and turned over to public use as Sue suggests but it doesn't seem likely while it's privately owned. Bit like the Mushroom House. 

You can imagine how many developers would love to turn that site into some dreadful property development.  I really hope it doesn't happen to the site.

There appears to be conflation in the original story between the benefits office and the separate but adjoining brick built bus shelter and ladies/gents toilets

I have only just picked up on this thread. I didn’t recognise the term “Clockhouse Junction” – that junction used to be known as “The Cock – Palmers Green”.  The now derelict building you describe is familiar to me. I used to go there with my mother in the 1940s to collect ration coupons for food and clothing. The Cock was the big pub on the opposite side of the road, behind which was a blacksmith’s forge (Cock Forge) and the bus garage.  


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