Does anyone know what has happened to The Prince?

This is the lovely pub near the obelisk, on Trinity Rd, at the edge of Trinity Gardens.  It is a locally listed building.

In the last few years it was run by two Egyptian brothers from Cairo.  It has wonderful internal spaces, and it would be a crying shame to lose it as a pub.

A few weeks before Christmas I noticed it was closed.  The lights on the bar pumps were still on but all dead inside.  Since then it has had windows broken and outside furniture chucked around. Looks very bad now.

Does anyone know?

And is there anything we can do?  Community pub?  Encourage Weatherspoons to take it over?  ????

Caroline Simpson

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There is fairly recent legislation that allows buildings etc to be listed as a Community Asset which ensures that if they come on the market they have to be first offered for sale to local people - this has led to a couple of places reopening as Community pubs ... still need to find the money from somewhere ... and run it as a profitable business - but it might be a start (see this post)

Gosh, not a lot has changed since a year ago, has it? It reopened with optimism  sometime last year and ''new management" which turned out to be the same management as far as we could see. What a shame. 

If anyone has seen estate agent's boards on the premises could they say which one here please...

I have heard that the Police closed the pub.Apparently a barman committed a VERY serious offence inside there after closing one night-that is all I'm saying on a public forum and the Police tired of the place anyway for other reasons had the licence revoked.The freehold is owned by Punch Taverns,who have being financially fragile for several years now (mainly due to there own crass stupidity then exterior factors) and as a result of this they have sold off something like half of there pub estate (over 4000 pubs !) in the last 5 or 6 years or so in an attempt to limit there losses.The Prince really is the kind of pub Punch will sell to a property developer.Richards' suggestion of ACV status could be the only way to keep this as a pub.

Keeping it as a pub - or turning it back into a pub - is what some people had in mind, but The Prince now appears unsuitable for a variety of reasons.

It is possible to reclaim these local boozers, the way things seem to be turning out for The Antwerp Arms is actually quite inspiring for pub-lovers:

As for the pubcos...

Such a shame. We live a few doors down on Trinity Road for almost 7 years and we have never had a good local. The building now is a state, messy and grubby outside. I believe there are people still living upstairs too. I feel so angry that it has never been run properly, the place has so much potential. 

I'd love to do anything to help, has anyone looked into the process of AVC status? 

The pub is no longer owned by Punch Taverns, that was some year ago now, in the previous existence with different beers and better pool table etc etc.

It was sold in 2013 to Radia Estates.

It is now privately owned by Radia Estates, of Harrow and also London N3.   I spoke to Mr Radia who said he was not aware it was closed/empty/in a mess.  He did not sound very interested or keen to be involved in any discussion.

I believe that it could be a great pub - no matter what offence a previous barman might have committed.

Has anyone got the time to research the Community Assett ideas?

I have a friend who runs a social enterprise which help communities take leaderships in projects that would help build their local area etc. She may be able to offer some sound advice on community asset ideas. 

If people are truly interested, I would highly recommend talking to the Antwerp Arms crew. I've supported their bid to buy their pub. It's taken a long time, a lot of effort and negotiation but they are very nearly at payment stage to buy it. Note, they recommend contacting CAMRA in the first instance:

"We would like the local council to know that we want to keep pubs in their rightful use, not for conversion to shops, offices or housing.

Please send an e-mail to your local councillors if you live in Haringey, or to the Major of Haringey if you live outside the borough. Make the point that you oppose the granting of Planning Permission for Change of Use for pubs in general, and for the Antwerp Arms in particular. We realise that no public application has been made, but we would like to register our feeling on the subject.

If you have a pub under threat elsewhere in North London, please contact the chairman of CAMRA North London"

Thanks Lindsey. This looks really useful. 

Would anyone like to drop a John an email? 

Thanks for the correction Caroline.I'll learn not to believe the land registry again.I would have thought they would keep there information up to date ! I also believe it could be a good pub.As we know this area is woefully under pubbed,which is at least partly for historical reasons.At the start of the 1990's there were 4 pubs within a 5 minute walk of the Prince (of Wales) which are all gone now,but I believe there is enough people in the area who would use it  if it was the right kind of pub. 

A new fund has just been launched by the Lottery, called Power to Change, which specifically supports community owned businesses - including community pubs; there is £150m available across the UK. Personally I'd be hugely supportive of a community owned and run local .. pub however the process of organising a bid and securing premises and staff is a major undertaking. 


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