Does anyone know what has happened to The Prince?

This is the lovely pub near the obelisk, on Trinity Rd, at the edge of Trinity Gardens.  It is a locally listed building.

In the last few years it was run by two Egyptian brothers from Cairo.  It has wonderful internal spaces, and it would be a crying shame to lose it as a pub.

A few weeks before Christmas I noticed it was closed.  The lights on the bar pumps were still on but all dead inside.  Since then it has had windows broken and outside furniture chucked around. Looks very bad now.

Does anyone know?

And is there anything we can do?  Community pub?  Encourage Weatherspoons to take it over?  ????

Caroline Simpson

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Thanks for putting the draft application together.  I certainly agree the Prince should be recognised as an Asset of Community Value. 

Brilliant.  Lots of work gone into this so thanks.  I'll support the Prince become a community asset.

Excellent piece of work,  very informative and interesting to read,  I would like it to be a Family Pub rather than a disco/night club that Could attract a lot of undesirables and noise!!

I would support you !00% in any move you make.

Thank you for taking the Initiative to start this going 


I must admit I had never ventured into the Prince since I could see through the windows that it only sold dubious keg beers that I wouldn't want to drink. However it is a nice looking building with some lovely tilework in a good location with no competition for some distance around. If it were taken over by an individual or company with a determination to make it a success I'm sure it would be. This would require selling a selection of quality beers (and equally good wine and cider) and probably offering food as well. This need not be haute cuisine - some thriving real ale pubs and craft beer bars in London merely offer simple things such as pies. Having the right calibre of landlord/manager is vital though. I would be more than happy to visit it regularly if it reopened and met the required standard.     

FYI, Wandsworth Council is proactively protecting its pubs, nominating them as ACVs before any threat is apparent - article on Londonist today

Fab work Richard! Delighted to support.



Thank you, Councillor!

Excellent application, Richard, thank you for your hard work. 

It would be lovely if the Prince reopened as a proper pub with good licensees/management who could turn it's fortunes around. It's just around the corner from where I live and I went a few times when it reopened last spring, hoping that it could become our new local. Very sad that it's once again boarded up.

You have my full support on the application - good luck!

Thank you all for your encouragement! Keep the messages of support coming as there will soon be a secure & confidential online sign-up form available on site to gather the 21 signatories that are required to support our ACV application.

An unincorporated group must have at least 21 members who appear on the electoral role in the London Borough of Haringey, or a neighbouring local authority AND does not distribute any surplus it makes to its members. An unincorporated group would not have to have acquired formal charitable or corporate structure. If your organisation is an unincorporated group please also attach the names and addresses of 21 members who appear on the electoral role within Haringey, or a neighbouring local authority.    (e.g. Enfield)


Happier Times!

Hi,  Happy to support this!


Following our recent discussions about the Prince Pub on the corner of Finsbury Road and Trinity Road a formal application for listing the premises as an Asset of Community Value has been prepared by Richard Matz.  A copy of the application is available to download.

Now, to complete the formal application, we need a minimum of 21 site members based in Haringey or an adjacent borough must sign-up to confirm their support.

We have a simple and secure online system  - please add your name address and postcode information to this simple online form, and show Haringey Council how much support there is locally to preserve this building as a local community asset.

Thank You! 

Thank you Richard for what you have don so far.  and also for the preparation of the ACV . you are an asset to this community, and I thank you,  we need people like you who is willing to take the lead. and we will follow.   I have signed my bit to support the Application for listing the Premises an ACV.



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