This website was set up a year-or-so-ago as an experiment to celebrate lots of the good stuff happening locally and to see if a local forum would be of use to people living in Bowes Park and Bounds Green.

Now, a year on, we have a growing membership on a forum where ideas are exchanged, help and support is offered and people have arranged to get together for campaigns, public events or just a game of tennis.

I’m pleased to think that the experiment is now showing some signs of success. So to ensure that this website remains sustainable I'd like to invite people who are registered users of the site to become part of a "steering group".

This isn’t a massively formal arrangement – nor a major commitment of time and effort - but it would mean we could set up a bank account and raise funds to cover the running costs and invest a little in promotion. Although the site doesn’t cost much to run – it isn’t free and there has been a little interest from local businesses wishing to advertise. So I would like to identify any volunteers for a “steering group” or "management committee" who could get together every so often, provide useful insights and ideas and oversee the future direction of the project.

If you think you can contribute to a steering group please either reply below – or drop an email to

If you are not able to commit to a joining a group but have any comment on the site or suggestions for content – please join in the discussion too.




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As previously mentioned, I'd be happy to do my bit (even if that simply amounts to managing the bar kitty during meetings :)).

You've got my email,



I might be interested. Could help out maybe on publicising it, bringing in sponsors, advertisers. depends on time of course. I have introduced the site to a few folk over the past year. 


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