This morning was the first time I have seen and heard the swifts back in Bowes Park.  Hurrah!  I was worried hat there were not going to be any visitors this year.

When I first moved to BP some 16 years ago there were large numbers of them and over the years they have got less and less.  Last year I only saw two pairs.  This morning there were at least 3 pairs, well... 6 birds anyway.

Their winter habitat in West Africa has been much destroyed in recent years, which is one reason for the decline.  But luckily some have come back for the summer.

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Swifts are in trouble. Installing nest boxes and luring them with recordings is simple and well worth the effort it if your home is suitable. Some more info here: and

Caroline, the RSPB are running a swift survey to monitor numbers:

Thank you, Stuart.

Will submit my viewings.

Have seen various small numbers from 2-5 over the last few weeks.  But....Last Monday morning, the 20th, there were 14/15 shrieking and diving over Myddleton road near the Garden.  I haven't seen them since, so perhaps they were saying goodbye.  I hope a lot of those were young ones who will come back next year. 

We are now one year on...... 2016

I saw the first swifts flying over Whittington Road, near the Thorold Rd junction, on May 2nd.  A whole month earlier than last year.  There were only two, but I hope more will come and join them.

Welcome back to Bowes Park again!

how fascinating! Thanks for the update. Love birds


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