There doesn't seem to have been any work going on behind the barriers for ages - does anyone know when the path will reopen please? I am looking forward to walking it when the sun comes out. 

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I have been trying to 'nag' Thames Water to get it open for many weeks now.

Last week I was assured it would be soon and they would let me know.

I have phoned our main contact again today - no joy yet.

They are still worried about the short bit of collapsed bank.... but it is no worse than other bits were in the past.

You could try writing to TW and saying that especially as it is the 400th anniversary of the New River the path should be open to walk along. 

I look forward to it re-opening soon. 


Thanks Caroline, I'm happy to add to the 'nag' by writing to them. If you've got a contact I should address it to, please drop me a line

Dear Lindsey and all who would like to see Path re-opened,

It appears that this is being held up by one woman who does not like the path going past the side of her house and garden.

We MAY need to get a petition together to get it re-opened.

I will get back to you in a short while when things are a little clearer.

But it can do no harm in the interim to write to Thames Water

could try




Oh I see. Hmm. Will email TW right away. Thanks Caroline!

Hurrah!  I have just heard (today Tuesday 16th) that the Path will be Opened again on Friday!  Just in time for the Gym Opening on Saturday.

They have some work to do on the bank, and have fenced off a small section, but it will be OPEN again - after 7 months! 

Fantastic news, thanks Caroline!

I did email TW but got no reply :(

That's great news!  Thanks for all your efforts Caroline.

I look forward to walking along the New River again soon.

So glad to see the path is open again today. Ironically, I just received a reply from TW which amused me greatly:

"I can't find any records to indicate we've been doing works along the new river since last year. Please contact Harringate Council, they have all records to show who has applied for road closure."


Talk about left hand not knowing what right hand is doing.

And what has it got to do with 'road closure'?

Shum mishtake shurly.


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