MP Catherine West has started a petition and is going to see M&S execs so if you'd like to see the store remain open -- and improve please sign the petition.

Even more importantly than the store staying open is the impact its closure could have on the high road.



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This is bad news. I use Wood Green M&S quite frequently and think it needs more investment, not less.

My mother worked here for many years and still knows several of the workers there.Employees have told her it would cost 2 million to bring the building up to scratch.I really can't see the point of a petition calling for it to stay open.Wood Green has changed quite drastically in its' shopper demographics in the last 25 years and the vast majority of Wood Green shopping patrons these days have no interest in what M & S have to offer or can't afford to go there.Let it die.Things change.

I agree that things change. The area around the high road is changing quite a bit, yet retailers refuse to see it focusing instead on the "value market" that is already there.

I'm interested, though: what do you think is an appropriate replacement when M&S does close?

Agreed.  Dorothy Perkins has been replaced with Peacocks this speaks volumes. Saddened to see it go it has been a solid presence on the High Road for many years

Does anyone really think a petition will change anything?  M&S is a business.  If the Wood Green store is not making an acceptable return, they should close it.  Personally, I think M&S is expensive.  I'd like to see Aldi move in there. I'd be a lot more upset if the Lidl closed, or the stalls selling fruit and veg for £1, or the greengrocer or butcher in the market.

It's a shame but to be honest It never seems to have enough food or clothes.

The problems is not many retailers open big stores these days, especially as we have an H&M and Primark and Sports direct already.

Aldi would be busy, personally I'd like Waitrose. I'm a sucker for their free coffee and supposedly they emit middleclass fairy dust and turn surrounding areas into Walton on Thames in a flash! Lots of ladder and noel park types would support.

I'd put the odds on Waitrose at about 1000/1, just a bit more realistic than Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason and the Queen moving from Buckingham Palace to Wood Green!

There is a Waitrose on Holloway Road.

Aldi would be more of the same so what's the point of that? Unfortunately, retailers do tend to go for the lowest hanging fruit, which is why Crouch End gets Waitrose while densly populated and extremely diverse Wood Green gets Lidl.  Unfortunately it's all based on generalisation which is then proven as their target market flocks to shop.

I'm not the only local resident who is sick and tired of this type of lazy retail behaviour. When are we going to get some variety and quality on our wretched high street? With M&S leaving the hope of that seems nigh impossible.

I'm not surprised. The shop isn't exactly appealing compared to other M&S shops. Display sells as I was told in retail and their display is void

I'm not surprised it's closing. I've always wondered how it can afford to keep open as there have been few customers in the store whenever I've been in it, which is mainly to buy tights.

Yes, it would be nice if Wood Green could get a bit of an uplift from a Waitrose, same as Bounds Green could do with the sort of aesthetic shops up the road in Alexandra Park Road to raise the tone of the area round the tube station. Wishful thinking though, I imagine.

Sadly the fast food shops of which there are far too many, continue to attract undesirables and school reprobates. thus lowering the tone.The planters and raised flower bed have enhanced the area which is wonderful. Huge thanks to Haringey council


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