Hi there,

I'm new to the forum so first of all, hello. My boyfriend and I are moving to a place in Bounds Green in two weeks' time. Both of us are brand new to the area and I wanted to ask, does anyone know of any running clubs or groups nearby?

I used to run quite a bit but I must admit I haven't for a while (about two years!) due to injury so I've been doing other forms of exercise (zumba and spinning mainly) to keep fit. I'm quite keen to get back into running though and wondered if there was anyone else out there that might like to get together for a run of a weekend or possibly evenings as well?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any fitness classes nearby?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Suzanne,

Welcome to Bounds Green! There are a group of us trying to organise a running schedule together - I would be keen to partner up but can only do mornings if you are morning running type of person! 

We live near the Ranelagh pub so happy to meet and run!


Hi Suzanne and Beulah,

I am fairly new to Bounds green and am looking for a local running group too. Unfortunately I work on Saturdays, the Ally Pally 5k run looks great.

If anyones looking to form a group I'd love to join....I used to run a lot but have been out through injury for quite a long time so looking forward to getting back into it and need some motivation to help me get out there in these cold month.

Thank you,


Hi Nina and Beulah,

I'd definitely be interested in forming a running group. Beulah, I don't know how far you have got with this but I'd be happy to join you or could even form one myself? In fact, I could start a separate thread on this to say if I were to try to form a running group, who would be interested. But I wouldn't want to try this if it's something that you're already organising.

Nina, would any weekday evenings work for you? I could do evenings but probably not mornings with the exception of Saturday morning and the Ally Pally one or even a bit later (surely 9am is too early to run on a Saturday morning!).



Hi both,

We have not gotten very far! I would be happy for you form this. I'm a morning runner but happy to take part in an evening event once baby is down and hubby has his playstation!

A cheeky market plug - after our runs you can indulge at the market on Sat!


B x

I am happy to do any morning or any evening with the exception of Tuesdays!! Do you have any prefs?

Really looking forward to getting going!

Oooo I havent checked out the market yet but as a real foodie I am keen!!

Nina x

Hi Suzanne,

I moved to bounds Green a couple of months ago and i would really be interested in joining a running group as well. I've been trying on my own but not doing so well so far.

I live on whitttington road and am free most mornings till 11.30pm.


Hi Hilda and Nina,

My preference would probably be evenings (around 6.30?) rather than mornings with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays when I'd be happy to do mornings.

I'm moving in next Saturday so happy to start from that week (26th onwards).

Hilda, I'm not sure where Whittington Road is I'm afraid but will consult a map. I'm on Brownlow Road if that's near you?

Will post nearer the time if that's OK but sounds like there might be a few of us which is great. :)

Kind regards,


Hi Suzanne and Nina,

I can only do mornings Mon - thur but anytime Fri - Sun. Nina, I wouldn't' t mind joining you some days if you don't mind.

Suzanne, am sure I've seen Brownlow Rd somewhere can't remember where lol, l too must consult my Google map. All the best with the move. I'll keep an eye on the post for updates.


Hi & welcome to Bounds Green.
If you'd like very local Zumba classes, there are 2 teachers who run them in Bounds Green. Kendra does classes at the Bowls and Tennis Club on Tuesday at 6.30 and Monika has classes at Bounds Green School on Wednesday at 6.30 and at the Scout Hut on Monday and Thursday evenings. There are loads of other classes pretty nearby too - I go to one in Whetstone on Mondays and Finchley on Wednesdays. Let me know if you'd like details.


Thanks for the information, Alison. I'd definitely like to give Monika and/or Kendra's Zumba classes a go. I'll look into it. 

Thanks again and might see you there.


Hi Suzanne! I asked about exercise classes recently too 


I really enjoyed Kendra's Zumba class but sadly she cancelled Thursday nights and I haven't been able to go on other days. 

Grace's Pilates at 128 Myddleton Road is excellent, but there's no jumping about there. 


Hi Lindsey. Yes, I saw that there was local Zumba classes - definitely will give it a go.

I'd consider the Piilates - I did a course about two years ago but must admit I haven't done it since! :) I know it's really good for you though for toning and building core strength.

Many thanks for all the info. Might see at the classes.



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