Anyone have a garden we can get a fridge freezer collected from by Harringey council?

Hello everyone. 

We have an old fridge freezer (working condition but quite battered and bruised but if you do want it please let me know!) So I called harringey on their bulk items number and asked if we could get it collected "Oh yes not a problem" gushed the woman on the phone. I live above a shop so don't have a garden I said "no council policy is we only collect from gardens. You can take it to the tip for free" I don't have a car, I apologetically replied,  are you sure you can't give me a time and we'll make sure it only goes out right before? "No. Council policy. Can't collect from the street." But people do leave items out and you do collect eventually.  "That's tipping we don't recommend that" but I don't have a car or a garden and I'm trying to do it by the book and I know if I just leave it on the street you will collect, do you not think there's a problem with your system?  "Council policy we don't collect if you don't have a garden." 

Soooooooooooooooooo I don't have a garden and I don't want to abandon it on the street. If anyone has a garden within dragging distance of Myddleton road, I'll arrange all the council stuff (and shout at them if it's not collected) it would be most appreciated. 

Also this is a outrageous system that seriously highlights why so many people are effectively forced to dump large items on the street. Even if we had one designated evening when large items would be collected it would hopefully reduce the amount of items left on the street.

Thanks for reading if you do have space but don't want to leave your details here my mobile is 077 43 86 28 06 


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Hey Sam

Very frustrating and sounds like you need to talk to someone else in the department with a bit more about them!! However, if you have no joy, you can use our garden if you can get it around the corner... or you could put it on the street with a note on it for a day and someone is sure to take it! If they don't I could call up and tell Haringey that there is a dumped fridge and please could they come get it... and they will!La la laaaaa, Nell x

Join Streetlife or Haringey Freecycle and offer it free to anyone happy to collect it. Only if this fails should you resort to trying to get the council to collect, which I agree is a thorny procedure.

I am at 25 Whittington Rd if that is any help but I would think it is probably too far. Would be good to let our councillors know as this is a situation that creates problems and encourages dumping.
Oh that system explains things... We had a fridge/freezer dumped in our garden on Monday. Maybe that was because someone couldn't have it removed if they didn't have their own garden. It was very tempting putting it out on the street but we emailed the council and couldn't believe our eyes when it was gone the next day (don't know if it was because of our email or not). I would have perfered if this naughty person had done like you did and ASKED instead :)
Hope you got rid of it in the end. /s

Hi Sam, Have you found a solution? I have enquired about whether this is really policy. Seems a bit bonkers however I understand how allowing fridges etc to be left on the street creates issues. I will let you know what the response is.

Be sure to email me at with anything like this will do my best to help. 


Hi Clare I was going to drop you a line about this but it's been crazy busy all of a sudden! Thank you for your involvement. I'm wondering if a solution is a collection point on the road for a specific time (say Sunday evening)? The pavement is quite wide in places and if bulky items are reduced to a small window it has to be better than dumping.
also thank you to everyone else who replied, it's really not nice enough to give away!


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