Happy slapping was a craze ten years ago where (mostly) kids would 'slap' an unsuspecting passer-by and then film it for the social media. Very funny.

So. beware!

There are three young men on bikes in Bowes Park who still think this is an OK thing to do. Well at least they did today when one of them slapped me.

I confronted the 'slapper' who cycled away - too scared to speak?  

His two friends wouldn’t give me his name or phone number. And then the ‘tough guy’ in the grey North Face top with the orange bike got aggressive and tried to take away my phone after I photographed them both.

The Met Police now have my statement of the incident and the photograph below.

If you know these three individuals then please email the Met Police at

If you are the parents of these kids can you please explain to them why ‘Happy Slapping’ is neither a cool or a good life style choice.  And that it’s not a good thing to have your photo on a computer file with Met Police, along side a reported offence.

Here’s the photo. If you are on Facebook please share with others along with the email for the Met Police looking at this incident.

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A photograph of a minor accused of a criminal act or anti-social behaviour has been deleted by the Site Administrator following communication from a member of the community.


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Sorry to hear this happened to you, must have been horrible!

Thanks for sharing I will recognise him instantly now if I see him, as the photo is so clear!


Thank you. Brave and helpful

Yesterday afternoon these two lads and one other were with their bikes in the kiddie playground bit of Finsbury Gardens.  One was cycling around and scaring little kids.  I went to talk with them.... explained that it was a 'No Cycles' area, one lad went to check on the gate and came back to say that I was right. He stopped cycling in the play area.  They were 'mending' the orange bike.  I hope they don't do this again, or 'slapping'.  But.... it's a pity there are not more local places for them to do stunts on their bikes without taking over playgrounds.

Thanks for this Caroline. Maybe these three kids are just bored and you're right to say they might be less so if there were some local bike parks. That said, the kid in the grey top acts as if he's entitiled to behave as he likes. He is both quick tempered and agressive. Which is why he tried to take away my phone after I took the pic of him after his friend attacked me. This was the reason for my 999 call to the Police and for this post. My view is their behaviour needs to be reigned in and left unchecked it will escalate into something more serious. Happy slapping or scaring kids in the local park is perhaps a start, not an end? If you are concerned and think it might help why not email the local Policeman who is looking after my case with your observaions?

Thanks Peter.  I was not belittling their aggressive actions.  It must have been horrid.  I have complained to the local police before about aggressive behaviour of the bike lads who use Finsbury Gardens, so they do keep an eye on it, but cant be there all the time as you will understand.  The grey top lad is not the trickiest... there is a taller one who is worse.  Hopefully he has moved on.

Thanks for your suppprt Caroline !

Saw the young man on orange bike when he was recklessly cycling around small children on their way from school.
Also had a rather unpleasant verbal exchange with him following my asking him to try not to take the entire width of the pavement and thus blocking other cyclists’ and walkers’ way. His attitude was rather aggressive.


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