I thought I go and visit the community gym in Bowes Park which was suggested to me by my friends that said that they were extremely disappointed with the poor quality & health hazard fitness equipment they had used, as one of my friends scraped her leg falling off the equipment, there has been no thought put into making these awful bulky not useable dangerous equipment, we are all of different ages and heights & sizes, those that asked for them to be put in parks should rethink and take them away, and put suitable ones like they have in Broomfield Park that so many use daily including myself, you can reach your feet on the pedals, there's straps on the feet, and rubber silicone handles as many suffer from arthritis but as Bowes Park is nearer to me and this is my community and I care I feel more needs to be done for a positive change and bring more equipment as there is unused space on one side which can be opened up and more equipment can be put there.

We're all for being told to get out more and do activities & sports to beat obesity but when local authorities are not implementing the right equipment in our parks itt makes it very difficult to make people get out, it needs to be a joint support,

We not only need to take interest in our areas but we also need those that have the powers to put the new changes in place, there is no point in us asking for things and being ignored, what we want is our Communities to prosper and feel proud living in the areas, we all deserve to have good quality of life.

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the outdoor gym in Bowes Park. Unfortunately the space to the side cannot be opened up as integral to Thames Water. The gym is in need of volunteers to help with maintenance, opening and closing. Anyone out there wanting to help?

People living in the area have been having discussions in the park about the gym equipment to be replaced as they are a health hazardous and we also need more of them, if someone who is in charge of the area can call the company that owns the equipment and to provide us with some new useable ones.

To reassure any users...the equipment is due a service and we will ask for it to be checked for safety at the same time. A bit of background, the gym was set up by community volunteers, part of Bowes Park Community Association. The piece of land which belongs to Thames Water had been taken over, without permission, as an extension of a skip and lorry business which dominated that part of Myddleton Road and caused enormous problems for local residents. It took a lot of time to get the use of the land for community purposes. Funding was obtained for purchase of the equipment from ward council funds and to create the exhibition there. Separate bid got the table tennis table from the Olympics. It is maintained by volunteers who lock up and open the gates every day. But, there have been issues with the neighbours about evening noise etc in the summer. So, none of this is easy! Community action rarely is. And, it raises interesting questions about community action and volunteers. No one should have to volunteer longer than they chose. So, should we never set up any community projects that rely on volunteers? What happens when people enjoy the community resources but there are no longer people wanting to maintain them.? The community garden also depends on volunteers, as does the We Love Myddleton Road group and Bowes Park Community Association too. It provides a great umbrella service for any group wanting to try to obtain funding or improve the area but it depends on volunteers. Anyway, even if people do not appreciate the equipment, I hope they appreciate the fantastic view along the New River. And the table tennis. And any donations to BPCA or offers of assistance would, I am sure, be much appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys the community picnic this weekend and the chance to celebrate the area and get to know each other.

Well said, Cathy.  

And it's good to see that you're interested in improving the area, Kaye.  If you and your local friends felt able to volunteer some time to action some of your ideas.... we would love to help you access funding!  Do contact us at the BPCA if you want to pursue.

Yes well said Cathy,

I have been pursing Haringey Council for 5 years and I also work for the NHS, so I am doing all I can with my limited time.

I have seen on the community board in Woodside Park, that a community gym will be put in place, so I am extremely happy that they have acknowledged our needs for more activities in our parks and for the good health of our people.

Perseverance is the answer.


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