Residents living in the Enfield part of the Bowes & Bounds area have received a leaflet on Monday from Enfield Council about the proposed Bowes Quieter Neighbourhood Scheme. A scan of the leaflet, including a map of the scheme is attached below. 

The Friends of the Green, Bounds Green (FGBG) want to know what you think about the proposed plans. Enfield Council have released a perception survey, but it is the group's understanding that a consultation will be done later on when the trial is up and running. The group thinks that is too late so they want to hear your views now as big changes are coming. The measures are planned to be implemented in August and September.

They would be grateful if you could take part in a short survey; the results of which will be fed back to Enfield and Haringey Councils.

The survey is available on their website:

Please complete it before midnight on 28th July 2020.


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If you would like more information on why residents have been pushing Enfield to reduce traffic locally and some reaction to the current plans there is a new article on the Better Streets for Enfield webiste:

All I see is that Enfield are working in isolation and we in the  Haringey side of Bowes will get the overspill thats created as a result.

The idea of quieter roads is great but the difficulty in implementing leading to a fairer distribution  is extremely complex and seems impossible if you live in an area which is divided by local councils who do not seem to acknowledge the knock on effects of individual alterations in traffic flow.. The Haringey response fails to deal with the traffic flow suffered for years by both Truro and Nightingale. These are the roads that seem to being sacrificed for the good of others. It concerns me that these roads contain more mixed housing than those being ‘saved’ from rat runners. Am I being too cynical in thinking these roads which contain far more rented accommodation, council owned accommodation, and houses divided into rented flats alongside owner occupiers are thought to probably make less fuss about increased traffic.  They are probably right for very obvious reasons.   Residents I know in these roads in the main seem to accept that we live in a capital city and it’s workers need to travel to work. They carry goods and the tools of their trade. Cross flow is necessary and jobs, particularly at the moment need need to be considered against individual rights to quieter roads. I Most of the locals I know walk round the area but would really prefer not to be woken anytime after 6.0 every morning by lorries carrying skips banging over speed bumps. This increase in heavy traffic I suspect is about to get much worse because of the changes put in place to the west of us. Closing Myddleton Road is a great idea but where will the traffic go? Truro and Nightingale.

Haringey’s letter has not even been received by many in Nightingale Road. I wonder if the lack of response could be that residents haven’t yet been properly informed. 

I would urge everyone when thinking of solutions To our through traffic could look at a map of the area and work out if one road is closed where will the traffic go? I fear it won’t just disappear. The not so young, fit and able bodied also need consideration. Are they all to shop for all their needs in local shops with the extra expense, they are often already financially disadvantaged,  - and then carry it home? A trip to the large supermarkets is rapidly going to become a long and tedious task. Visiting friends and family north of the North Circ virtually impossible without sitting in endless traffic queues. Taking public transport is the usual mode of travel but if carrying regular shopping and prepared meals for an elderly relative north of us it will become a huge burden.

I suggest we need a proper impact assessment of the whole of Bounds Green both Enfield and Haringey which uses the expertise of transport planners, local knowledge and residents input. Shutting Brownlow would be the final nail in the coffin making the area into privileged gated communities and the rest . 

I have asked if a wider environmental impact assessment has been carried out but there does not seem to have been so. I also asked if there had been any partnership work with Haringey Council but there does not seem to have been so. A consultation seeks views and resident's solution prior to working up a scheme not once a 'pilot' has started. The likelihood of not looking at a larger area and traffic flow is that there will be unforeseen consequences. One of the likeliest is increased usage of side streets and jams.

In relation to phase two. The junction at Bounds Green is one of the most polluted areas in Haringey due to queueing traffic -this is likely to increase. Pollution decreases as you enter side streets-putting more traffic on to these is counterproductive. Traffic coming from Muswell Hill will turn right and go down side streets.

I am totally in favour of radical and visionary change to car use and traffic in our area (e.g.more pedestrianisation, play streets etc).-best designed in real consultation with local people. Traffic changes divide people and consensus needs to be built.  But, I see no vision only a piecemeal approach. Of course we want schools to have less polluted air. But I am not convinced that this will achieve that goal.

Can we also try to ensure that people do not sit for long periods in their cars with their engines idling -generally in long conversations on mobile phones. This is highly polluting.

I'm completely in favour of the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods initiative but I'm increasingly concerned that the time pressures to allocate this funding stream are leading to a chaotic process that's lacking transparency.  This all needs very careful planning if the money is going to be spent wisely and the benefits and irritants are going to be equally distributed.  Also it feels as if there's a very low level of awareness generally of what's being planned.

I've attached the map of the Enfield proposal from a page on the Alexandra Park Neighbours website. There's a map of the Bounds Green plan on the Haringey website and while it's barely legible, it's obvious that Bowes Park is not being considered here.  

As has been said in previous messages I think it's really important that areas work together to find solutions. It would help to know why Haringey haven't included Bowes Park in their plans, given that the Haringey plan for Bounds Green and the Enfield plan for "Bowes and Environs" will undoubtedly have an effect on us.

I am contacting the Councillors and will post any information I receive. 

Also I completely agree with Cathy about trying to do something about engines being run when the car isn't moving.

Enfield council are doing their part of the scheme in an undemocratic way by exploiting the pandemic.

It has been pushed through without any consultation as reported here in The Enfield Despatch


I have seen the "don't fence me in" scrawls and never realised what they meant.

Will not be voting Labour the next council elections.

the consultation will be carried out in parallel with the trial in order to meet the Department for Transport's requirements that came with the funding. The council can then adjust the trial if necessary and measure the effects.

The carrot of potential funding is creating a short sighted and undemocratic plan and should not be the driver for this- in my view. We all know that once something comes in, it's extremely hard to alter.

The carrot of potential funding was already there, the funding for these schemes was available for councils prior to the current invitation for applications.  Undemocratic? Not sure about this one. Not every decision is a local referendum, the vote happened during the local elections. The Council is implementing policy and residents can participate in a consultation. "We all know once something comes in, its extremely hard to alter". A very common view - do you have evidence for it being the case in this instance? The Fox Lane LTN consultation (another Enfield LTN scheme) resulted in changes being made.

Bowes and Bounds disconnected? Why was Haringey Council not part of this consultation? 

just my views as I said- and I am not alone.  I don't know what an LTN is but this seems rushed and unfair for us in Bowes Park who, it seems will be affected with more traffic. I thought a consultation was done prior to a scheme... not parallel.  I also haven't received anything from Haringey either. I will be very interested in what our Councillors have to say on the subject.

Haringey have published their own plan for a Bounds Green LTN or 'Low Traffic Neighbourhood' which is a area-wide scheme that filters out through traffic to reduce traffic volume, pollution and rat-running while still enabling residents to access their homes by car. The intention is to make streets healthier and friendlier environments. There is always a balance to be had between these benefits and the inconvenience of, say, having to make slightly longer journeys by car, but the ultimate aim is to encourage use of public transport and active travel, to get people cycling and walking more.


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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