Hi all, just moved to the area (with boyfriend and cats!) and looking forward to buying locally - any recommendations for a good butcher around here, and is the fishmonger on Green Lanes any good? Also, any tips for good local takeaways (generally I do my own cooking but it would be nice to have a chippy and a chinese to hand!). Shame the weather is so rubbish this weekend as was planning to explore ... finally unpacked so really keen to have a wander around. Any local tips would be most useful. Cheers, Tracy

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Hi Tracy

...and welcome!

I am a big fan of the Green Lanes Fishmonger - good quality fresh fish and shellfish and always helpful tips on recipes and preparation.

A recent forum discussion on Veggie Food had a few suggestions of places to eat locally.

I'm sure other neighbours will have ideas,

I agree with Richard about the Fishmonger.  Dont get there later in the afternoon as he has sold out or sold the best. 

The double fronted Butcher's on the opposite side of the road is good also (especially if you have a penchant for pigs' heads or ears), but the very best lamb is from Yasar Halim's big and wonderful shop in Palmers Green, on Hedge Lane.  

And do buy any groceries they have and which you need from The Red Sea Supermarket - at the Myddleton Rd and Marlborough Rd cross-roads.  You will know you are supporting a large extended family, a truly independent shop, where Tsagai and all his brothers are always helpful and charming.  They will also do their best to obtain things you need which they dont stock - once they know you!

Thanks both of you - much appreciated!

Green Lanes fishmonger excellent. Only opens Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, quite early.   Real good quality fish. 

The  butcher called Meatland is also excellent. Good quality and good prices. We usually buy chickens, lamb and pork from them. 

Sirwan a little way along the road towards Wood Green, also has a butchery counter and sells excellent quality meat (but no pork). Sirwan is open from about 8 am to about 11 pm. They also have groceries and fresh fruit and veg and an in-house bakery specializing in Turkish bread. 

The baker, Lefteris at 23 Green Lanes,  makes good bread, cakes, pasties and pies. 

Thanks very much - have tried Sirwan a couple of times and am slightly addicted to their bread already! I will go to the fishmonger tomorrow, and great to confirm about Meatland as well, as I wanted to find a good butcher. I went to the red sea supermarket on the way home today as well, so paying attention to all your tips :)

Sirwan's bread is wonderful. Hi Tracy! 

My chippy recommendation is Olympus on the High Road. Great big fish n chip portions as standard but they also do what was called the 'ladies portion' but I think is now the 'fish special': a smaller cod and half size chips which suits me perfectly.  

& I just found they have a website: http://www.olympuskebabs.co.uk/

One other recommendations for an independent shop locally: I don't buy flowers very often (...and not as often as I should, I am told...) but when I do I have always found Pola Florists a friendly and helpful place to go - ( website link ). They were for many years located on Green Lanes near the junction with the A406 - but a few years ago moved around the corner into a shop at the Green Lanes end of Melbourne Avenue. Another local family-run business we should all support.

Agreed! They were so lovely when I went in to get funeral flowers at the last minute earlier this year. 

Hello, sorry to reply to an old thread, but I'm looking for a local fishmonger and came across this :)  Is this the one you're talking about on Green Lanes? Green Lanes Fisheries, 24 Green Lanes: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Green+Lanes+Fisheries/@51.61064...!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x7e1edd5dacc651c1!8m2!3d51.6106428!4d-0.1095142

Thanks! :)

That's the one Liz, run by Pat and serving excellent fish. However, he is currently on his holidays and not due back for another week or so. Nothing gets in the way of Pat and his holidays!

Ah, that explains it - I went yesterday and thought I'd just missed their opening hours.  I'll try again in a few weeks, it sounds like a great place to have round the corner! Shame it's taken me five years to realise it's there though... :)


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