New Residential Planning Application for Shopfront on Myddleton Road

A new planning application number HGY/2015/1989 has been lodged with Haringey Council for number 109 Myddleton Road; a building which is currently operating as a Travel Agent. As it is a functioning business on Myddleton Road this is an important application.

A request has been made to reduce the size of the retail portion of the premises, and expand the rear flat. Although the application claims that it won't affect the viability of the current business, if the retail unit is smaller, it obviously limits the types of business that could move into this unit on Myddleton Road, in the future. In fact the reduction in size is likely make most retail activity here nonviable. 

It is important in monitoring any new planning applications to stress that an upturn in the potential for retail on Myddleton Road should not be met with a reduction in retail space. Given the recent refurbishment of shopfronts in the street and the We Love Myddleton Road survey of local residents which indicated that local households have over £37 million per year to spend on groceries and £26 million each year on entertainment (Money that is currently spent outside Haringey) There is a need to ensure we retain retail and trading space on the road - and not increase the density of poor quality housing.

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Thanks for alerting us to this Richard. These seems very much at odds with the steady improvements to the road and the very obvious desire from the local community for more, not less, good quality and reasonably-sized retail space. I do hope the council refuses this application.

Good news. I received a letter yesterday from Haringey's planning dept to say that this application had been, quite rightly, refused. For now this should remain a decent-sized retail unit.

On a related note, I was pleased to see a good deal of positive activity on Myddleton Road at the weekend. The piano shop is nearing completion, work has started on the would-be gym a couple of doors down from La Coppia and the old Papercraft shop is being readied for its new tenant. All very encouraging. 

and the old Papercraft shop is being readied for its new tenant. All very encouraging. 

Sadly, more estate agents do not improve areas.

I think that's rather a sweeping generalisation, Amanda. As others have said elsewhere on this forum, a genuine estate agents could be a very positive thing indeed for the road. Yes, there are some shady 'property consultants' around, but there are also some very community-minded estate agents who care about the area in which they live.

I cannot understand the hostility to a decent and genuine estate agent on that road.  It will show up all the others for what they really are - NOT estate agents - and make a great addition to that cross roads.  Hobarts have plans to alter the shop front in line with the recent 'heritage' ones at the other end of the parade, and that will also be a great improvement.  So keep your eyes open for the planning application when it goes in.

Thank you Caroline. Couldn't agree more. Terrific news about the shop front and another sign that they should be welcomed, not scorned.


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