It is amazing how fast a fine late Victorian four storey house can lose its major original features.  In two or three days this week all the original timber windows of no 42 Palmerston Road were replaced by upvc.  In this photo it is the right hand of the semi detached pair - the side with the new pvc windows. This is, as far as I know, not allowed without planning permission in a Conservation Area, and this is indeed in a Conservation Area.

The second photo is the bundle of weights and sashes that came out of the windows, waiting on Thursday early afternoon to be picked up for scrap.

I have informed the Haringey planning enforcement team, and can only hope that they will be able to take action that will deter others from doing the same to destroy parts of our historic area.

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How absolutely hideous. The owners should be forced to reinstate with new box sash windows. There are any number of top-class companies who can do this work. It is in any case a false econony as they will look awful in a couple of years and will take a big bite off the value of the house.

Yep, some people have no taste.

If there is a link to which I can add support or contact them then please let me know, as I am keen to voice my objections on this too.

You can write to:

Emma Williamson

Head of Development Management and Planning Enforcement

 River Park House 225 High Road London N22 8HQ

 T. 020 8489 5507/ 07774 426784


This is a last minute reminder.  If you haver not yet written to Object to these uPVC windows - please do so now.  Haringey Enforcement will take action if the application is refused.  Ask Haringey to refuse it.

 re app. HGY/2015/3297

 42 Palmerston Road

 Please do comment on this retrospective planning application which is for UPVC windows to one of a pair of what were very fine houses in Palmerston Road.  See photo

 It is past the official date, but the application has not yet been decided – so do write now.

 They bashed out the fine timber windows and put these in on October 1st last year.   Enforcement Action is ready to be taken if the application is refused.  We do need a successful enforcement action on one of these rogue UPVC window jobs, and then the heritage of our area is a little more protected.



Good news indeed.  Thank you.

Now we have to see if the applicant appeals.  If they do - we must write more letters.  if they don't.... then we look forward to enforcement action to replace the timber windows.

Let us hope this, together with the previous decision on Palmerston Road, sends out a clear message that people cannot knock out timber windows in the Conservation Area.


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