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There is an application to change the use of 127 – 129 Myddleton Road into a gym. This is the building that was the Tabernacle of David for a while. It’s in between Panikos tailor and the Funeral Directors.

You can comment here:


Search for reference number HGY/2015/0680

I think a well-run gym could be a good local resource, and I may well use it myself. it is likely to bring more people to Myddleton Road, resulting in more use of existing businesses on the street, and helping the regeneration of the road. And this property has been either vacant or under used for some time, certainly since I moved to Bowes Park in 2013. Some local residents in Thorold Road have objected due to concerns about parking and noise from loud music. I would have thought that any successful business on the street could result in an increase in car parking, but hopefully lots of local people will use it and come on foot. As to the noise, don’t know if the council can specify conditions around this?

What do others think? It doesn’t take long to make comments on the Haringey planning website

The decision by date is listed as 21/04/2015.



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Thanks David. I think that it's a great idea in principle. I may use it myself. It's just the sort of thing that might bring more people to the street and increase the footfall for nearby businesses. The building is a bit neglected and a bit of an eyesore in what is otherwise a fast-improving stretch of Myddleton Road - so it would be good to see it brought back into use.

I'd welcome this too, especially if they have studio space for fitness classes. There's good local demand for the classes at 128 and as someone who wants more opportunities for classes in the area I'd welcome seeing this large space brought back into community use in this way - as long as residents concerns around parking and noise can be addressed. 

If it can be done with some sensitivity to the street and the desire of locals to make it a more beautiful, welcoming and resourced place, then it would seem to be a great idea- less schlep to other boroughs for things that you need- gyms being the case for many. I will support the application, with the caution that it is not plastered with eyesore signage and does not cause problems for local residents.

Car parking is a problem still on Myddleton Road- but there is not the land locally to create parking space outside of the streetside parking, so everything will always have to work around that limitation- however, the road falls within walking distance of a huge number of households, and many of these householders / commuters pass by to and from Bowes Park station, so perhaps a gym would be a good stopoff for some of these commuters- maybe parking then could be less of an issue. If the facilities are competitive and attractive, both inside and out, I think it stands a good chance of working here. Gyms are a competitive business these days so I hope that they do their homework.

Gyms apparently make quite a bit of their business from subscribers who rarely actually turn up, from what I have heard.....

My subscription to Virgin (in)active is proof of that Nick....unused since September!

I'd certainly welcome a gym to the road but don't fancy anybody local seeing me huffing and puffing on the cross trainer!
I strongly support this application. This would be a great addition to Myddleton road and encourage health and fitness for the community.

I'd love to have a gym and fitness classes too here. There's too much schlepping to other areas for things we don't have at the moment. I'd go there on my bike or walk.

Comment from Diana Ferguson Moved from this discussion thread

I've just had an email about the proposed gym and I think it's a great idea! The area is still crying out for a hub, a sort of "village centre", and having a gym in the road would attract people who, as the email suggested, might then shop at/use other amenities in the street. As for music noise, the music - if they have it - wouldn't have to be THAT loud would it? And presumably the gym would have to close at a reasonable time anyway, not much beyond nine in the evening?

Hi. I
Perhaps it may have escaped your attention but The Hub at 128 is a 'community' hub - we have a healthy footfall of clients using the activities and many people hold their children's birthday parties there at the weekend. There are classes for adults and children going on there. The mums who come to the classes use the eateries and shops and services in Myddleton Road. But it would be nice to get an idea of what type of Hub others have in mind.

I am delighted that in the main the proposal of the gym has been supported enthusiastically by the good people of Bowes Park. I note that there were two residents of Thorold Road who objected, raising parking as an issue. They have very valid points, I live on Thorold too, and at selected times it is difficult to park, even though for most of the day there are only a handful of cars parked and we have room for a bus or two.

I think that as the road continues to improve and more businesses are attracted to the area then parking is going to be an issue we will have to deal with. Another shop is due to open this week, I am unfeasibly excited to welcome Killick Stores to Myddleton Road for example. Perhaps this thread is not the place for it but it is perhaps a place to start. Let's hope that by the time the summer is out and my rarely subscription to Virgin Active has expired, we've got a thriving gymnasium and community type hub on the road with plenty of places to park our vehicles. Forza Bowes Park!

Diana- I'd be interested to know your thoughts on what would consitute a "Village Hub " as various people, including ourselves, plan our upcoming enterprises on Myddleton Road. I'd love to know what kind of things people are crying out for.

What we need, in effect is a "village hall", a focal point where all the larger events that a community needs can happen - public meetings, local clubs and associations (from scouts to arts/yoga classes), parties, and so on, fund-raisers, choirs, dance, drama, small concerts, dog shows, whatever!  The residents association could meet there, the barn dances and quizzes that they normally hold at the bowls club could be there, and so on. The Myddleton Rd market could try another indoor market there, etc The possibilities are endless when you have access to a well-maintained space of a decent size.  I would suggest that our best chance of this is to get behind the re-opening of the "Tin Tabernacle" by the Samaritains.

A gym on myddleton road would be amazing!! This would definitely bring the much needed footfall to the road and support the surrounding businesses! Also I would train there too!


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