We have a couple of great community-run open spaces nearby -the Community garden in Myddleton Road and Finsbury Gardens . There is also Tile Kiln Lane nearby - but there's always need for more open public spaces, especially in such a densely populated neighbourhood.

The Mayor of London has launched a "pocket parks" initiative to encourage and support new small open spaces with funding of up to £50,000.

Any suggestions for a new space in Bowes Park or Bounds Green?

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The green space between the Ranelagh pub and the North Circular would be ideal for this kind of project and would build on the investment made this year (I assume the fenced area next to Powys Lane is now in the freehold portfolio of our friends at Notting Hill Housing). I guess different folks will have different ideas regarding where fifty grand could best be spent however fencing as wide an area as possible around the new play space and providing benches to encourage people to tarry without having to worry about kids and traffic would be good. I like the idea of a community orchard and perhaps some kind of 'wildflower meadow' to encourage insects and birds could work. I note the deadline for the phase one application is 7th jan, happy to help with the paperwork as our area deserves to be considered.

Hi Matthew,

I'd like to keep an eye on how this story progresses.

Could you drop me a line to let me know if you manage to get an application for the grant money in?


I don't know your area Richard but I have floated a couple of ideas for N8

Lots of good ideas - Have a look at this ambitious and very professionally produced proposal from Parkside Malvern Residents Association in Wood Green. Hope they are succesful with the bid.

The second tranche of funding for the Mayor's pocket park initiative is now live.  When I looked into this first time round I realised that the application for the first round of larger grants was more suited to organisations with borough sponsorship who could devote resources to make a professional application and potentially a financial contribution.  This new round is open to 'constituted community groups':

"The second strand of pocket parks funding encourages applications from constituted community groups, and awards grants of between £5,000 and £20,000.  This strand is part of the Transform initiative, led by Groundwork London.  Applications can now be made to round one of this strand by any constituted community group who has the landowner's permission.  The deadline for applications is 5pm on 23rd July 2013."

I'm no expert on what is needed to become a constituted group (besides writing a constitution I guess) but I thought I'd draw the opportunity to people's attention in case any local groups are in a position to make an application.  I would be happy to support an application for a local pocket park (I'm mainly thinking of the sliver of land adjacent to Tewkesbury Terrace as it is a local green space in an area sadly lacking in such amenity that would benefit from some TLC).

I think the area of Tewkesbury Terrace green near the Ranelagh Arms could be improved massively with a relatively small grant. 

If I had £10-20k to spend on that area I would:

* enclose the play area and the circular tarmac 'seating' area with low-maintenance planting to screen out car noise and fumes - if not around the whole area, at least along the Bounds Green Rd side

* this could take the form of an informal, 'wild' hedgerow of tough, native shrubs - e.g. Elder, Blackthorn, Hazel - if chosen carefully they shouldn't need pruning or watering. Leave the grass to grow long around these plants, and leave wild flowers such as cow parsley, celandines and ox-eye daisies to colonise. This grass would probably need cutting back once a year, perhaps in late winter.

* resurface the ugly tarmac path with something more welcoming - perhaps a permeable resin-bound paving like Sureset. This can also be used to create coloured patterns - perhaps get the local schools to have a competition designing a picture for the circular seating area.

* put in some benches or picnic tables - both around the play equipment and the circular area

I don't have time to organise a committee or group but I would be willing to draw up a plan for this area, which could be part of a bid. 

Yes Richard, got really good news on that score.

Notting Hill Housing Trust - perhaps feeling guilty after having pushed through what we consider an oversized development scheme - has a space in the middle of Tewkesbury Terrace that they won't be building upon.

They've asked us (Bowes Labour councillors) to organise its management and we're starting the process. First stop is to ask very local residents if they want to form a bespoken Friends Group. We're in the process of doing that as we speak. 

This is good news. I'm a very local resident (Stanley Road), would love to see Toby Travis's ideas acted upon and would like to join the Friends Group.


Hi Anna,  that's excellent, have sent you a connection request, then will give you my mobile number or take yours if you like so we can talk 

Its great to see support for enhancing the green space around Tewkesbury Terrace.  I would also like to offer my support in the hope we can attract funding to enhance the space at the Eastern end by the Ranelagh (which is the area referred to by contributors to this thread).  I would also be interested in what can be done with the NHHT site on the other side of the road as mentioned by Alan, however it is not an ideal location by comparison.  Perhaps NHHT can be engaged to make a contribution, making it possible for an application that includes this site as well as the Eastern end favoured by the people who have contributed to this discussion?

Good point Mathew, for the moment what I've received from Notting Hill was an email indicating their willingness to let us nurture a Friends Group to run the new pocket park, but you are absolutely right that we'll want to negotiate with them some help in getting it started.

Having said that, I've had some luck applying for grants creating other green spaces over the past 3 years (starting with Tile Kiln) so that could be possible here as well


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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