Does anyone know what has happened to The Prince?

This is the lovely pub near the obelisk, on Trinity Rd, at the edge of Trinity Gardens.  It is a locally listed building.

In the last few years it was run by two Egyptian brothers from Cairo.  It has wonderful internal spaces, and it would be a crying shame to lose it as a pub.

A few weeks before Christmas I noticed it was closed.  The lights on the bar pumps were still on but all dead inside.  Since then it has had windows broken and outside furniture chucked around. Looks very bad now.

Does anyone know?

And is there anything we can do?  Community pub?  Encourage Weatherspoons to take it over?  ????

Caroline Simpson

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I shall mention it to the Three Avenues RA. You would need a core group of people who are committed to this for a number of years, easy to find in a rural community, not so easy here! There must be one or two people who see themselves propping up the Prince in the distant future? I think it's a great space, very versatile and still one building, undivided. The Gate seems to be busy and thriving, I'm sure there ewould be enough custom for another pub.

I would be very interested in seeing this remain as a pub.  The interior panelling is lovely.  Wood Green micro brewery, selling its own ale?

It's a real shame that this historic building has been allowed to become such an eyesore. It would make a fantastic place if some creativity and TLC were thrown at it. Green Lanes appears to be sprucing itself up at a sprightly pace. Could The Prince add to The Step etc in enhancing the community of Bounds Green?

The Prince (of Wales) needs more than TLC.  To make it a working and popular pub requires a great deal of time, effort, dedication, and probably money.

It is great that so many people agree that it should be saved, but IF it can be made into a community asset/pub of some sort it requires a small group of very dedicated and hard working people to work for some time on it.  A real life project for those who do not have to go out to work long hours each day and whose major energies could go into this.  Yes.... there are such people about.... the Prince needs to find them.

Those people have to step up soonish, and get together, and see what they can do.

I personally do not have the time or energy (or indeed the youth) to do this, but will happily support any such venture as much as I can. 

I believe that it could be a really fine pub, and financially sound - but someone/2/3 need to write a sound business case for the venture.

 Dont like to sound defeatest but if no commumity heroes…..come forward

The step is very successful…..Is there any energy or finance for a …...A step further…. ( The Step 2) 

Or maybe the chain who run the Ranelagh might be interested .. perhaps better than it being totally lost as a pub.

The Community Assets idea is this, apparently:

You can use the Community Right to Bid to ‘pause’ the sale of buildings or land you care about such as your local pub, shop, library or football ground. It gives your community time to develop a bid to buy it. - See more at:

It's a scheme which gives the local community a six months breather to try and raise some money to compete against corporate interests.

I have some time, as a freelancer, but no money!  If anyone wants to meet informally to have a talk about it, I'd be interested.

Thanks for sharing that Michael, if only I had known sooner we could have done this with the Woodside Bowls Club!

I'm not sure how involved I want to get but I would be happy to have a chat about it.  Otherwise it will be sold and turned into lots tiny flats probably.

I thought the windows looked a bit grotty last time I passed it :0)

I'd be interested in helping out in anyway I can.

I walked by there today. A new cobbled pathway at the front seems to have been laid, which looks quite nice. This of course could be the part of the council's work as they have been laying new pavement along Trinity Road. However, things seem to be happening inside as well. Quite what, I'm not sure. Fingers crossed somebody has had the idea to transform it into the kind of place it could be.  

The pavement is the work of the Council.  They have done all along that side.  Looks good.

Awful story in Evening Standard today - landlord of The Prince jailed for 10 years for rape of an 18 year old girl.

That is truly awful.

Poor girl. 

How dreadful for a young girl to go out for a pleasant evening and then be raped by the landlord of the local pub she is in.

That explains why some people did not want to talk about it.

But........ however bad what happened was, and that was absolutely horrid, the fact is the building is still there and still a pub.  It is not the fault of the fabric of the building.  Somehow it has to be cleansed of this ghastly happening.  If that is possible.  Maybe it will not be possible, and the building will be for ever associated with this abhorrent crime.

Today I was passing and there are men working in and out.  One chap was fitting up a CCTV that he said 'the new owner' had ordered.

I asked who it was and if the Egyptians, and he said no, it was someone new but didn't know who.

By 'owner' I guess he meant tenant or pub owner and not the property owner.

He said that the whole inside was being redecorated etc.  Looks as if they are doing lots of work. 

I gather also that interior building works are also needed to make separate access to the upstairs flats rather than through any space shared with the pub.  So it sounds like work will be going on for a while yet.

It is difficult to know quite how one feels about spaces and their histories, but I hope that this one can be cleansed and have a decent, respectful and happier future.

And I hope that the young woman is well enough and strong enough to go out in the future without fear, and have happy and safe evenings as she should be able to do.


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