Our local area has just one Blue Plaque commemorating a notable former resident or building, it is one of the Plaques erected by Enfield Council

At the Green Lanes end of Kelvin Avenue a blue plaque on a modern house notes the site of the former Bowes Manor - home of Thomas Wilde the First Baron of Truro and Lord Chancellor (Read more about him here)

There are a few different commemorative schemes in operation including Haringey's Green Plaque scheme  - but the English Heritage scheme is probably the best known, and they have an open call for new proposals of individuals to commemorate.

Who else should we be celebrating locally? Are their other historically famous residents?

What about our local heroes - are there other people whose contribution to our area and our community could be recognised?

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Thanks!  I've looked at the Wikipedia list. It's a bit lacking. I think I need to pay another visit to Bruce Grove Archives and maybe the london Metropolitan archives. I've heard that most of the local Parish archives ended up there.

Sir Percy Alden MP had some connection with Wood Green about the 1910 time. I don't know where he lived though. He was a labour MP, killed by a flying bomb in the second world war.

That's interesting. I know he was the Radical Liberal MP for Tottenham, but can't find any connection to Wood Green.

I'm not sure, but weren't Wood Green and Tottenham the same constituency back then?

I was interested to see earlier references to the film actor Jack Hawkins and I can confirm that he had local connections. Jack was an ex-pupil at Trinity Grammar School, which existed up until the early 1960s in the same Victorian building that is now Nightingale Junior School on Bounds Green Road near St Michael’s church. Jack was quite famous in the 1950s when he made a return visit to the school when the attached photograph was taken in about 1954. I am not in this photo, but it’s all still familiar to me.


The school building was lovely, but this photo must have been taken in one of the gloomy brown glazed-brick classrooms with high windows. Jack Hawkins had a brother who was caretaker at the Junior School on the opposite side of Bounds Breen Road.




What a terrific image - and story to go with it.

Thank You Colin.

the wonderful (female despite the name) poet Stevie Smith used to live at 1 Avondale Road in Winchmore Hill, she lived there most of her life.  She has a blue plaque already.  It's maybe a bit out of the area for us?

Hi David

Yes ... its just up the hill through Palmers Green - There is an article on the PalmersGreenN13 website about Stevie Smith - and the unveiling of her plaque by Andrew Motion - which includes a reference to an event at the end of the month Celebrating Stevie Smith

Another local hero to be celebrated who was more central to Bowes & Bounds is Roland Emett, the famous cartoonist and creator of whimsical machines. Emett was born at 94 Natal Road in 1906. See photo attached of the house at it is now.


Emett was famous for his Punch cartoons and eccentric railways that he designed for the 1951 Festival of Britain, and later for the work he did on the film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Rowland_Emett


Emett’s local origins were discovered by an ex-New Southgate friend in April this year and he has lodged an application with English Heritage for a plaque to be fixed to the house in Natal Road. If English Heritage decline, then it might be that a more local campaign could help bring this about.




Rock band "UFO" were formed in Bounds Green, i was once told. Journalist and friend of the Band ,Garry Bushell told me he remembered being told this as well.

Pete Way was from Enfield,Phil Mogg was from Wood Green and Andy parker wasnt a million miles away in Cheshunt so sounds feasible 

Indeed - the Great Man, Phil Mogg himself can be heard introducing this documentary on the band with the line "Well, UFO, I suppose, began in a house, a terraced house, in Bounds Green, North London,”

Any idea which terraced house anyone?

Brilliant :)


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