MP Catherine West has started a petition and is going to see M&S execs so if you'd like to see the store remain open -- and improve please sign the petition.

Even more importantly than the store staying open is the impact its closure could have on the high road.



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Sorry, the other bee in my bonnet relevant to this topic is the c£4-5m refurbishment of the High Road.  Has anyone noticed any significant improvement?  All I noticed was the long running disruption to the 221 bus service and pavements being blocked.  The actual street scene after the works looks pretty much the same as before. £4m+ is a significant amount of money, which surely could and should have been better spent.

I agree, there's no real difference. Another Haringey Council waste. A few hanging baskets and benchs are not going to improve that area.

As already stated, Dorothy Perkins is STILL in Wood Green (in BHS), and isn't IMO a particularly 'good' shop (MOTR style and quality). Furniture shops have gone from most High Streets (the one in Crouch End closed down years ago, and more recently in Muswell Hill did too).

There are a lot of issues with the running and stock selection of M&S in Wood Green. As I said before, I think that they have truly useless buyers (by that I mean the people who decide what to stock, not the customers), and as a result aren't selling as many clothes as before. They recently started selling masses of Per Una, which they never previously stocked, and is a bizarre move around here as it's aimed at middle aged/class women - think a synthetic, badly designed White Stuff copy.  Their 'Food Hall' has less food than many corner shops.....and the whole building has been neglected for over a decade....and yet they STILL make profit. If only it was properly run....

Yes, the High Street refurbishment is pathetic. They started re-paving around Turnpike Lane at Easter, and it still isn't finished. I think most of the money is spend on wages to some semi-skilled workers, who are dragging out the job and the people who gave them the contract. It would have been a better move to have renovated some of the building facades, which look terrible.

Other points.....

The biggest 99p shop in the area is actually in leafy Muswell Hill.

The area is extremely busy. How great would any area be with the same level of 'traffic'.

Some positive changes have happened (Burger King turning into Costas, Next moving to bigger premises, the wonderful Spanish bakery, Tiger, TKMaxx expanding etc.)

So my "armchair theorising" about your views is a bad thing despite the evidence you cite  ... but your "armchair theorising" that other members will agree with your elitist attitudes is acceptable?  Double standards at best. 

Your circular argument that "the shops there reflect the socio-economic group that shop there",  is nonsense not an explanation. Your first message suggested demolishing the whole area as you did not approve of those who use it. I believe this is clear evidence of prejudice.

I live close by and haven't seen any hanging baskets going up - thank goodness. However, that link you posted is extremely prejudicial and not really representative of Wood Green.


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