Residents living in the Enfield part of the Bowes & Bounds area have received a leaflet on Monday from Enfield Council about the proposed Bowes Quieter Neighbourhood Scheme. A scan of the leaflet, including a map of the scheme is attached below. 

The Friends of the Green, Bounds Green (FGBG) want to know what you think about the proposed plans. Enfield Council have released a perception survey, but it is the group's understanding that a consultation will be done later on when the trial is up and running. The group thinks that is too late so they want to hear your views now as big changes are coming. The measures are planned to be implemented in August and September.

They would be grateful if you could take part in a short survey; the results of which will be fed back to Enfield and Haringey Councils.

The survey is available on their website:

Please complete it before midnight on 28th July 2020.


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Haringey has indeed published its own plan for Bounds Green.  Unfortunately it totally fails to mitigate in any way the roads that will carry the extra traffice ie Whittington, Clarence, Truro and Nightingale and any roads in Haringey that open onto Green Lanes.  Sorting one tiny corner just means dumping traffic on someone else.  We all want healthy happy roads to live in but the reality is that not everyone can jump on a bike and whizz off to different parts of town.  Most of the able bodied people I know always walk if they possibly can.  Cars passing through are presumably not doing a scenic trip but need to get to work or similar.  TFL is the problem.  This is compounded by Enfield driving all cars down a few road rather than sharing the annoyance for a few hours a day.  The people using cars I would suggest not those who can sit at home working from computer but those who have to get to work or they will be sacked.  I feel this is the wrong scheme at the wrong time.  It is socially divisive in so many ways and has been brought in with absolutely no consultation.  

PS I walked in Walthamstow last weekend.  Down by the marshes.  Bicycles galore who proceeded to tyrannise those who walked.  More thought needed to the whole process.

I couldn't agree more. Friends in Southgate are talking about the chaos their LTN is causing.

Bad timing. Bad planning. 

Friends in Bowes talking about how wonderful the new LTN is. I walk my kids to school through it every day. It's brilliant. Bliss in fact, and the surrounding main roads don't seem to be affected, Bounds Green Rd, Brownlow Rd and the A406 were all free flowing while I was there this morning. So its not clear cut at all. What a huge benefit to residents' quality of life!

I'm very concerned about the knock-on effect Enfield's scheme is going to have on through traffic between Bounds Green Road and Green Lanes, particularly on Truro and Nightingale roads. I live on the corner of Finsbury and Nightingale roads and have already noticed an increase in traffic.

The crossroads outside my house has been the scene of several accidents in recent years. Yesterday there was a horrific accident where a motorist collided with a female cyclist. I have regularly witnessed cars not stopping at the junction, but continuing over it at speed.This is particularly worrying as we have a small park (Finsbury Gardens) opposite us which is well used by the local community, especially children.

Furthermore, it seems illogical that the section of Nightingale Road from Green Lanes to Finsbury Road has mini speed humps, whereas the stretch from Finsbury Road to Bounds Green Road has full width humps. If the former have been installed in order to facilitate police cars on call, why have they not been continued along the latter stretch? I have regularly been overtaken on Nightingale Road when I am complying with the 20mph speed limit!

We either need a mini-roundabout on this junction, or Stop signs and the placement of speed cameras in both stretches of Nightingale Road.

I've taken a look at the Council's website but can't find anything on Truro and Nightingale Roads - please do send me a link if I've missed something! We haven't received any communications from the council on this matter. The map for Bid 19 (Bounds Green LTN) shows that the area covered on the Haringey side is all to the west of Bounds Green Road, and to the north of the area under the Enfield scheme. The section between Green Lanes and Bounds Green Road has not been addressed at all, yet this is where most of the displaced traffic is likely to end up.

Haringey Council need to review their plans and open a proper consultation.

Hi Maria I live very near you. The through traffic is definitely getting worse and if the second phase of The Enfield plan is implemented, closing Brownlow Road, then our roads will carry all this traffic as well.

Beware the lure of the traffic hump! One is outside my house and I am often woken by skips being transported down the road at high speed around 6.0in the morning. The whole house shakes!  Not sure of the advantage of a roundabout as that would increase the noise level as well.  I have noticed over the past months that Commerce and Finsbury roads seem to be more busy tipping extra traffic In the morning into Nightingale en route for Bounds Green Road.

I agree that the area needs to be looked at as a whole entity perhaps some side streets could be cycleways and the others sharing traffic rather than dumping it onto neighbouring roads.  The morning cyclists are  rat runners passing  through the area to reach their destinations. They are just lucky enough not to have to transport working materials necessary for their work - and not seen as rat runners! As far as I can see all the local people I know in the area walk if they possibly can and then take public transport. The traffic is therefore fellow Londoners getting to work. The flow gets much less after 9.30 and starts again about 3.45.

The Council have said nothing about plans for our area nor made any proposals to shield us from any rerouted traffic. It would be useful if residents could agree on possible improvements for this area but not everyone is on social media, and as we cannot hold meetings it is difficult to know how to pull residents views together. The BPCA is allowing us a table at the next Myddleton Market where a couple of members will be trying to find out what people want. But am aware the market really only draws a small section of our residents. If you go along please come and let us talk.

My partner has come up with a few ideas and produced the attached for discussion. 

He has focused upon increasing safety through speed reduction and changing traffic flows.

We would be really keen to hear your thoughts as this may be a suggestion we could take to the council.


I have forwarded the proposals to Haringey but struggled to find a specific contact for road traffic consultations where you could upload a file. does anyone know an email address for this team?

Thank you Andy for starting off a conversation and ways forward. You have taken time to think this through and make some valid suggestions.

There was a Councillor at the market on Sunday- he may know the right people. I do agree that we should come together to discuss.

Do you think we could get together to try and work out an equitable scheme for traffic? We probably should join under the banner of the BPCA as otherwise it is just individuals putting personal points of view . We been a scheme that covers all the roads which probably means we will all have to compromise . Are you a member of the BPCA Maria? We collected names of interested people at Myddleton Market on Sunday which is a good starting place. Perhaps your partner could put forward his suggestions so all can consider them.

I agree Kate. The plan is useful but ignores neighbouring roads e.g. Whittington, Thorold, Palmerston,Marlborough,Commerce area etc. The Haringey phase 2 traffic plan covers a wider area. The problem for this part of Bowes Park is that Haringey phase 1 covers Alexandra which will divert traffic towards the south of Bounds Green road and we have no timescale on how much later phase2 will happen. This is, of course, on top of the Enfield plans! We definitely need a plan for the whole area or we may end up shunting traffic on o neighbouring roads. I think we should encourage Haringey to publish their plans for phase2 asap. I have asked the councillors about the timescale but am still waiting for a reply.

Campaigners in Bowes approached BPCA, met face to face and followed up via email to engage regarding the Bowes LTN campaign but it didn't seem to be a priority at the time. I'm sure that willingness to engage still exists. Are you in Haringey and in the proposed Haringey LTN area? A joined up approach is needed to compel Haringey to follow up on their LTN application for Bounds Green.

As the Chair of the BPCA, I was included on a zoom call on 23 July with a number of residents and action groups. All groups known of at the time were invited to attend. Reps from Friends of the Breen, Bounds and Bowes Voices, BG&DRA (Bounds Green District Residents Association), Friends of Brownlow Road, Bounds Green Residents Association, TARA (Three Avenues Residents Association), and BHORA (Broomfield Houseowners and Residents Association) attended. Warwick Road Action Group and Better Streets did not.


It should go without saying that each different group had different priorities and the only consensus reached was that we wanted to inform residents of the proposals, as communications had been lacking, and push for a democratic implementation of any plans in Enfield and beyond. The BPCA funded a flyer (that had a map of the proposal on one side and a survey that had been reviewed by an independent data analyst on the other) in order to inform residents and collect opinions and data. As already mentioned below, we also funded a stall at the Myddleton Road Market to help inform residents of the Enfield LTN and Haringey’s proposals.


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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